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Old November 5th, 2007, 06:33 PM
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Dust of Death Follies!

My friend Eric and I got together this weekend and played several games, but there was one which was particularly compelling. I had decided from the get-go that I wanted to try an all-hero army, because I wanted to see if I could take out some squad heavy army with the current variety of heroes out there. Of course, once Eric caught on, he drafted 2 sets of Shades just when I was running out of points to draft. Oh well... I just decided to go with my original plan. Here's how the armies ended up.

Sgt. Drake (SOTM) - 170 pts
Major Q10 - 150 pts
Kaemon Awa - 120 pts
Major X17 - 100 pts
Saylind - 80 pts
James Murphy - 75 pts
Total = 695 pts

Red Skull - 190 pts
Cyprien - 150 pts
ShadesX2 - 200 pts
Iskra - 50 pts
Rechets - 50 pts
Theracus - 40 pts
Marcu - 20 pts

We both knew that Eric was going to send his Shades at me fast and furious, but we were playing on a rather large and mountainous map, so I had 2 rounds (3, if I played my cards right) before they'd be able to engage me.

My first goal was to limit the number of spaces around my figures where the Shades might land. To that end, I used Saylind to teleport Sgt. Drake, Kaemon Awa and Major Q10 into a narrow but icy passage-way walled in by several Ice-bergs, just west of my start-zone. The ice managed to make landing a bit dicey for the Shades, so I did slow them down by a round, and it didn't hurt that Eric decided to try and move all 6 Shades close before engaging. When he came down on me, he first engaged James Murphy and avoided Major X17 altogether. The rest went for the corner with Saylind, Q10, Drake and Kaemon Awa.

Just north of my start-zone were some swampy low-lands over-which was laid a bridge leading up the side of the central mountainous region. The bridge had only a one-hex width, so I figured that if I flew Saylind up there, I could teleport another figure up there and leave only one adjacent space available next to each hero for any Shade to land on. Initiative rolled in my favor and Q10 was able to take out one nearby Shade before 2 more landed on the bridge, one next to Saylind, the other Q10. Saylind decided to take a leaving swipe rather and bounded over some trees and onto a small piece of land surrounded by a sheer cliff on one side and a small stream on the other, then managed to teleport Q10 up with her. As it turned out, this ledge overlooked Eric's start-zone-- I had managed to dodge these Shades all the way into a strategic position!

In the meantime, one Shade had been trying and failing to take over James Murphy, but was beating him up pretty badly otherwise. And the 2 Shades I had left on the bridge, instead of going after Q10, decided to engaged Sgt. Drake and Kaemon Awa. Again, initiative was rolling my favor, and I was able to use Sgt. Drakes grapple arm to swing over a glacier (while taking a leaving strike) and killing the Shade next to Kaemon Awa. So far, my strategy had worked to perfection, as had my luck with Saylind.

With Major Q10 looming over Eric's base-camp, he had to lay off the Shades for a moment and starting placing turn markers on other figures. Major 10 immediately took aim at Cyprien, causing several wounds. Cyprien, in Eric's first big mistake, flew up to engage Q10... he had forgotten that Chilling Touch didn't work on Soulborgs. However, he landed next to Saylind as well and tried to do some damage to her-- but to no avail. I knew that Eric would next try to move Cyprien away from Q10, but Q10 didn't have a turn marker on him at that point, so instead I teleported X17 (my chosen Cyprien counter) adjacent to Cyprien. Up to this point I hadn't missed on a teleport with Saylind-- it had been the only thing keeping me alive, but now it had given me a huge advantage. Cyprien went down quickly.

Then Eric had Iskra summon the Rechets-- they flew up and engaged Q10, X17 and Saylind. I knew this could be a game-changer, but they didn't sting me to death right away. Q10 was able to thin out their ranks, but still had one nagging him. Eric decided to take a gamble and used Theracus to fly the Red Skull up to the ledge. Theracus blocked X17 and the Red Skull managed to use his dust of death effectively on Q10, then dispatched X17 rather quickly with his ranged attack. Saylind stood alone and tried to teleport Sgt. Drake up to help, but failed for the first time, then fell to the Red Skull as well.

In the meantime, James Murphy was bludgeoned to death by a Shade, leaving only Kaemon Awa and Sgt Drake. The Red Skull flew over to the bridge overlooking the ice passage-way. Sgt. Drake tried to advance on the bridge, knowing he was immune to the Skull's pistol, but Red managed to use his Dust of Death a second time in a row against Sgt. Drake, leaving only Kaemon Awa behind. Luckily, Kaemon Awa was on fire and dispatched the Red Skull and Theracus quickly. The remaining Shades approached Kaemon, but he took them out rather quickly, slowly moving to the high ground.

So it was down to Iskra, Marcu and one Rechet. Kaemon was in a quality position. He had managed to take only one wound the whole time, and now was just off the bridge and the high-ground-- he was just waiting to see what came next. Iskra was chosen as the first sacrificial lamb. He landed next to Kaemon Awa and the round ended. Iskra himself had taken some wounds, so I had every reason to expect him to go down easily. And maybe he would have, if I had been able to attack him. Instead, Eric won initiative, Iskra rolled 3 skulls and Kaemon Awa whiffed... my great heroic come-back was thwarted.

But it was a damn good game, never-the-less!
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Old November 6th, 2007, 10:44 PM
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Cool! That sounds like it was an intense game! By the way, Iskra is female.

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