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Old October 15th, 2015, 11:56 AM
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Porting Magic Card Creatures to Aotp

Greetings from Germany (that means: sorry my english is not the best ^^

I think i found a good Formula to port Creatures from MTG to Army Cards for Aotp. Its not exactly accurate but i would say its maybe +- 5to10 points to the original Aotp calculations for the army Cards.

Ok we start with converting the Creature on the Card to a Aotp Creature

Life = Attack + Defense / 2 (round up)
Move = Hight + 1
Attack = like on the Card
Defense=like on the Card
Radius = 1-6 ( Look what the crature is a Ranger would have 6 i think)

So now that we have the Stats of the Armycard we can calculate the points.

Mana Colourless =1pt
Mana Colour =2pt
sum of Mana =*10
Ripped the Mana formula from another user credits for that goes to him

Life = *5
Move =1pt
First abillity=5pt
Sec abillity=10pt

I do not count flying or swampwalk ect. because i think its not that powerfull on the standard Board.

Now lets convert a Card

First the Stats of the Card
Life = 2 (rounde up from 1,3)
Move=5 ( predicting the figures hight is 4)
Range=1 (because melee)
Def =2
Abillity (for double strike i would use double Attack like Chandra)

Now the point cost for the Squad

Mana = 50 (1 colourless + 2 colour = 1+2+2 and that multiplied with 10)
Life = 10 ( life *5 )
Move = 5
Def =2

So the Squad costs 75 Points and 1 Figure of the Squad (75/3) 25
( If you want to add the second abillity protection from green and black i would use it like +1 defense dice versus green or black creatures. The Squad cost will be 85 then)

Thats it. I hope you like it.

Maybe we can make the formula better together ^^ so feel free to change things.

I would maybe delete the Points for Move in the Point Calculation for the Armycard. But i am not sure if the Troops are too cheap then.

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