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Collection Guide 2: Quantities (Fully Updated)

Good Day

The purpose of this article is to help the less experienced player be able to make a more informed decision on how many quantities should be purchased of Heroscape products. This is especially true of the common packs. This is often a dilemma for the less experienced player to figure out how many squads of a common squad is typically needed to get the full benefit of that squad.

There currently is a Collectors Guide http://www.heroscapers.com/community...llection+guide

This link shows everything that has been produced for this product line but really says nothing about how many of each a person would want to be able to play common army builds. There are plenty of threads about making armies, but not many articles on the amount of actual figures you should have to maximize their effectiveness.

To clarify, what I mean is that if someone wants to buy the Orc pack from wave 1 the dilemma is how many? One pack of commons is usually not very effective, but how many would one need to be able to field a solid army and be satisfied with the amount he/she has. This article will attempt to answer this question.

The parameters. With much of the game play style focused on about a 500-600ish point army this article will aim to keep that in mind while recommending amounts. Of course if you like to play huge games of 1000+ points on a regular basis you might want more (though not necessarily because I found in large point games you end up having several smaller independent armies within your large army). With that in mind I will attempt to sweet spot the amount so that you will get enough to get the full value of that unit without really overdoing it.

Disclaimer. In no way is this meant to be the final word on what you should buy. Such a proposition is ludicrous. Each person is different and buys/collects this game with different purposes/reasons in mind. If you want more, great! If you want less, that is fine also. So take this article with a grain of salt, and fit it into your personal style. I also expect to be updating/changing it as new releases become available and as experienced members of the community offer their input. This is meant to be a work in progress.

General Rules to Collecting.
To start, there are three overarching reasons why a person would want extra packs that could be applied to anything produced by Heroscape.
A. To have spares in the event of loss or damage.
B. To have extra so other people can field the same units at the same time at your home games.
C. To have extra so that theycan be used for making your own cusomt units.

Second, a word about the unique hero/squad booster packs. Being unique units the general rule of thumb is that you will want one of each. Only the above reasons will drive you to get more than one pack.

Now on to the detailed breakdown. Though it is worth mentioning that everything will not be available at any given time. Only certain products will be in production and will be easily available. You will have to go hunting to find certain items.

Master Sets
Return of the Valkyrie: 1+
This would be considered the core of the Heroscape Universe. The value is based on all the figures and terrain in this pack. All the figures are unique, so there is little reason to purchase ROTV again for the figures alone, however the value is in all the terrain you get in this pack. Start with one to get you going, if you want more terrain this would be your best source for it.

Swarm of the Marro: 2-3
This is the second master set, often considered a large expansion by many. It has much less terrain than ROTV, however it does have common squads. Namely the Marro Stingers, Marro Drudge and Marrden Nagrubs giving you two of each squad. The value of repurchasing this pack is not getting more terrain (though never a bad thing), but rather in that you want more commons. Especially the A+ rated Stingers and to a lesser degree the Nagrubs. Four squads each of both units is a good start. There has been competitive armies fielded with seven Stinger squads, but that is a bit excessive IMHO.

The Marvel set is outside normal Heroscape in that the Heroes in this pack are not part of the normal General Armies. However, the points are compatable with classic Heroscape so they can be played together. This pack does consist of 10 Unique (Super)Heroes from the Marvel universe. These figures are very iconic and really appeal to anyone who likes comics especially the younger kids out there. It does not contain much terrain though it does have the unique 'breakable wall' section. There is very little reason to buy more than one pack of this set, the only motivation to do so is if you want the specific terrain pieces in this set.

Battle for the Underdark:2-4
This is the first of the DND themed heroscape products. This is also the smallest and least expensive of the master sets. You only get 10 figures, including one common squad and a new uncommon hero class figure. It does come with some very unique dungeon terrain that has not been seen before. It includes a very nice laid out campaign in the instructions booklet. You will want at least two sets to beef up the common squad and the amount of terrain you get. Four sets should be plenty for most people though there are some who have gotten alot more than that.

Large Expansions.
Road to the Forgotten Forrest.2-4
This is a great addition to your collection. You get road tiles, a bridge and five trees in the pack, plus they through in a filler common hero for fun! While the Dumutef guard will never compel you to buy more RTTFF sets, the awesome terrain additions you get will. One set is simply not enough. You would want at least two sets and probably up to four to have a very nice collection of aforementioned road, bridges and trees. Many a scaper has bought ten or more of this set.

Thaelenk Tundra: 1-3
A nice addition to make frozen wastelands. You get ice tiles, snow tiles and glaciers pieces that can add a nice theme to any map. Plus you get the common squad of Dzu-teh, a decent common squad, though it is fairly dependent on playing on Tundra to be used to their full potential. One set gives you a pretty decent amount of product, more snow is nice, but there really is only so much snow you will want. These are no longer in production, will be hard/expensive to find.

Volcarren Wasteland: 1-2
Can you say MAGMA! The counter part to the Tundra set. You get 25 lava/molten rock terrain pieces in this set. However, unlike Tundra there are no Line of Sight blockers. The common squad of the Obsidian Guards are really only useful when they play in their pools of lava. One set is a good way to start, getting a few more is always nice but there is only so much lava you want on your maps. BTW, good luck on finding this set. It was a Toys-R-Us exclusive and now can only be found on ebay for big bucks.

Ticalla Jungle: 1-3
Looks very nice on any map you make. This set comes with nine tree/bush pieces and a common squad of the Fyorlag Spiders that bond with the hero Sujoah. While this pack offers no terrain hex additions the trees are some of the nicest LOS blocking terrain feature additions currently available for Heroscape.

Fortress of the Archkyrie:1-4
This is your castle set. I was pleasantly surprised about how much one set offers. You can make a pretty good size castle for any small or medium map. However, once you get one you will starting wanting more pretty soon. Some players have gotten huge numbers of this set and have built VERY impressive castle maps with them.

Common Squad Booster Packs
The following links will also help you make more informed decisions.
The Books of all the units. http://www.heroscapers.com/community...ead.php?t=8099
Spider Poisons power rankings.
Jexiks "Whats in an order maker?"

Wave 1
Grut Orcs: 3-4
Consists of the Blade Gruts and the Arrow Gruts. Both these units can make up the core of the different Orcish armies that can be pretty popular and used to be considered top tier armies. These units tend to be cheap on points but costly in starting spaces. Both units have some great bonding options.

Vipers and Snipers:2-6
Consists of the Venoc Vipers and Omnicron Snipers. This packs is bit of an odd ball as these are very two different type of units. On one hand you have the cheap Viper melee squad that you will want plenty of when making an army. On the other hand the Snipers are an expensive range squad. With the Snipers the most you will typically want is about three squads worth with two squads being adequate. For the Vipers three is a good place to start, though you will probably end up wanting more. You will need to ask yourself which unit you prefer when considering buying this pack. On the low end if you prefer the Snipers, on the higher end if you prefer the Vipers.

Roman X1 Legion:2-4
Consists of the Roman Legionaries and the Roman Archers. While they look great together, these two squads do not often play together as the Legionaries are considered a higher end melee unit and the Archers are considered a lower end range unit. The Legionaries will be the driving motivation on how many of this pack you will want.

Wave 2
Drones and Minions: 3-5
Consists of the Marro Drones and the Minions of Utgar. With the Marro Drones you need a minimum of three units to get the full benefit of their abilities with a fourth(or even a fifth) squad being a nice addition so they can take a couple losses and still operate under maximum strength. The Minions are arguably the best Kyrie squad available and most competitive builds field up to three units.

Minute Men and Wolves: 3-4
Consists of the 4th Massachusetts Line and the Anubian Wolves. The 4th are often considered the best common range squad in the game and will likely be the driving motivation for purchasing this booster pack. Four squads of the 4th create a very strong core to any army, just add a strong hero or support unit and you got a competitive army. Six squads of the 4th Massachusetts line is essentialy a strong army just by itself, though slightly on the extreme side and you do not need six squads to enjoy this unit. The Wolves are usually great fun to play and almost always make a game that much more interesting.

Knights and Swog Riders: 3-4
Consists of the Knights of Weston and the Swog Rider. The Knights of Weston are considered one of the top melee squads in the game. They have great bonding hero options and are usually fielded in squads of 3-4 units. The Swog Rider is a common hero that was designed to use with the Arrow Gruts from Wave 1. Ideally you would have One Swog Rider per one squad of Arrow Gruts, so take a look at how many Arrow Gruts you have, or want to have and get the appropriate number of Swog Riders.

Wave 3
Gorillas and Hounds:2-3
Consists of the Gorillantors and the Marrden Hounds. Neither one of these squads get much love in the terms of respect on these forums nor are considered very competitive. They are pretty cool looking and can be nice addition to any collection.

Monks & Guards: 2-3
Consists of the Shaolin Monks and the Sentinels of Jandar. The Sentinels are one of the best defensive squads currently in the game. The monks are a nice melee unit that can be lots of fun to play but tend to be hard to used effectively. Neither squad needs large numbers to be effective, especially considering they are both pricey units.

Kilts and Commandos: 3-4
Consists of the MacDirk Warriors and the Microcorp Agents. The MacDirks can be one of funnest most exciting units to play at times. They are high risk/high reward melee units, because of their lowish defense they tend to drop like flies so you typically want a healthy amount. The Agents are a solid range unit that are considered to be higher end quality. When witnessed in competitive armies they are often seen in groups of three squads.

Wave 4
Soulborgs and Elves: 3-4
Consists of the Aubrien Archers and the Gladiatrons. The Archers a mid-level range unit that can work well with elf or viper type armies. The Gladiatrons are one half of one of the deadliest combos in the game. The other half being the Wave 5 Blastatrons. Typically you would want an equal amount or one more squad of Gladiatrons over Blastatrons with three of each being common.

Greeks and Vipers: 2-4
Consists of the Sacred Band and the Armoc Vipers. Another pair of squads that do not get much love or tournament action. The Sacred Band is often overshadowed by the Roman Legionaries though the band can be a solid viable army in its own rights. The Vipers are an average melee unit that does look pretty good within a viper army.

Wave 5
Soulborgs: 2-3
Consists of the Blastatrons and the Deathstalkers. The Blastatrons make up one half of one the deadliest combos in the game with their Gladiatron counterparts from Wave 4. Typically you want the same amount, or one less squad of Blastatrons when paired with the Gladiatrons. The Deathstalkers are a midrange unit that you happen to get when you go buy your Blastatrons.

Warriors and Soulborgs: 3-5
Consists of the Warriors of Ashra and Deathreavers. The Deathreavers are the by far and way the BEST MELEE SCREEN EVER! They often make an appearances in numerous competitive builds in many various army builds. Battle reports show Reavers(aka rats) squads from two to five squads. The Warriors of Ashra are considered one of the best units for Heat of Battle type games, though they do not really excel in normal games.

Wave 6
Shades and Orcs: 2-4
Consists of the Heavy Gruts and the Shades of Bleakwoode. The Heavy Gruts are the third orc common squad and are the heavy infantry of the orc forces. They are considered one of the higher end melee units in the game and four squads with Grimnak can be fearsome. Shades are a costly specialty unit that are fun to play and nice addition to your undead hordes but not really considered competitive. Either squad can work fairly well in smaller numbers.

Archers and Kyrie: 2-3
Consists of the Tagawa Samurai Archers and the Einar Imperium. These Samurai attempt to be a hybrid range and melee unit, but does neither one well. The Einar Imperium are considered the low end of the gene pool when it comes to the Kyrie Squads. Their biggest fault is that they cost too many points.

Zombie Horde:2-3
Consists of the Zombies of Morindan. This booster pack is unique because it has two of the same squad. This is a good thing because you want your zombies to be a horde, and you need a lot of zombies to qualify for horde status. Two packs are okay giving you four squads total, but three packs is much nicer. Remember, think 'Horde'.

Wave 7
Rifleman and Spearmen: 3
Consists of the Ashigaru Yari and the Ashigaru Harquebus. This is a nicely packaged booster set because these two units are designed to work together with their commanding officer Kato Katsuro. With this set, and Kato(and some samurai squads) you can field a very thematic Japan Dynasty Era army. Typically works better in larger point games.

Knights Templar:2
Consists of one squad of Templar Cavalry. This is the first cavalry squad in the game and you only get one squad per booster pack making their real world cost fairly high. For that matter, their in game point cost is also fairly high. Their sculpts are excellent and they can be fun to play with, you just don't see them in tournaments very often.

Wave 8
Marro Cavalry:2
Consists of one squad of Grok Riders. This is the second cavalry squad in the game and you only get one squad per booster pack making their real world cost fairly high. For that matter, their in game point cost is also fairly high. Their sculpts are excellent and they can be fun to play with, you just don't see them in tournaments very often.

Soldiers and Wolves: 2-4
Consists of the Wolves of Badru and the 10th Regiment of Foot. The 10th is a well done melee/range hybrid unit. Several debates threads can be found arguing if they are better than the 4th line from Wave 2 which speaks highly of how good of a squad they are. Most army builds seem to have Between two to four squads of them. The wolves are another high risk/high reward melee squad that can be great fun to play.

Wave 9
Braves and Brawlers: 3
Consists of the Mohican River Tribe and the Capuan Gladiators. To play the gladiators properly you need to play them with their gladiator heroes. If you do that you will want three squads of them. The Mohicans are a lot more interesting and still a bit of an enigma. They have seen some tourney success in capable hands, though three squads typically will be the most you would ever want.

Dwarves and Repulsors:3-4
Consists of the Axegrinders of Burning Forge and the Omnicron Repulsors. The Dwarves(Axegrinders) are a tough melee unit that bonds with a tough hero. They can do very well against the right opponents. The Repulsors work well with their Omnicron buddies and are the first unit designed to counter other soulborg units. The debate is still open how successful they are at trying to accomplish that feat, though they still have their uses.

Dividers and Defenders:3-5
Consistsof the Marro Dividers and the Protectors of Ullar. The Protectors are the first ranged flying squad in the game. Like all Kyrie squads they are a bit expensive point wise, but can match up well against certain opponents. The Marro Dividers are a very interesting melee squad that replenish its losses during the game with its special powers. You will typically would want more dividers than Protectors when building an army, so you will have to decide which squad you prefer and lean in that direction.

Wave 10
Warriors of Felspar:2-3
Consists of the Granite Guardians and the Quasatch Hunters. Both the squads are repaints from the Volcarren and Tundra terrain sets. These repainted squads are both 100 points and consist of three figures with some creative and unique abilites. Two to three squads is a pretty solid force, though I have already read reports of people playing with up to five squads. Five squads is not the norm as it seems most people want three squads plus some other units in your typical 500 point game.

*Note; The other two common packs are reprints from Wave 5.

The next series are from the new Dungeon and Dragon themed releases. It is worth noting that the new packs are not the standard two squad packs. Rather, they consist of Uncommon Heroes (same as a Unique Hero but you are allowed more than one in your army) and resurgence in Common Heroes along with the stand Common Squads. It should be noted that while you can have multiple uncommon heroes in an army, very few of these heroes actually warrant this ability.

Wave D1:Champions of the Forgotten Realms
Gluan Bog Raiders: 2-3
Consists of the Greater Ice Elemental, Drow Chainfighter and the Greenscale Warriors. The Greater Ice Elemental is an Uncommon Hero that isfairly terrain dependant to maximize his abilities, but the terrain he needs is fairly common (Water, Ice, Snow, Swamp Water). He is a pretty good unit with a good bag of tricks. I can see having one in your army, but having more than one is a bit of a stretch. Next is the Drow Chain Fighter, who is a good little filler unit that can move opponent figures. Finally you have the Greenscale Warriors who can bond with dragons. Without their dragon champion they are an underpowered squad, so ideally you want them to last about as long as your dragon will. Typically two or three squad will suffice.

Fury of the Primordials: 3
Consists of the Wyvern, Water Elemental, Air Elemental, Fire Elemental and Water Elemental. The Wyvern is the Uncommon Hero for this pack. It is a pretty good unit that can bond with the Fyorlag Spiders that came from the Ticalla Jungle terrain pack. The rest of the units are all common heroes. While by themselves the common heroes are not so great, however, you will want to get some of them in antcipation of the Hero Kurrock coming out in Wave D2 that will unify these units much like Kato Katsuro does the Samurai/Ashigaru. You will probably want three packs to maximize their usefullness down the road. There has been some talk of getting ten Fire Elementals for your army, but if you plan to do that find a way just to buy them individually as nothing else in this pack is worth having that many.

Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen:2-4
Consists of the Fen Hydra, Sahuagin Raider, and the Phantom Knights. The Fen Hydra is the Uncommon Hero for this pack and is the most offensively powerful Uncommon Hero we have seen so far. Having armies built around several of these units can be very good. The Sahuagin Raider is another nice Common Hero filler type unit. The Phantom Knights are a great anti-range squad that should be a nice addition to any army. Both the Phantom Knights and Fen Hydra have had very postive reviews.

Wave D2:Warriors of Eberron
Golem and Wyrmlings:2-4
Consists of the Iron Golem and the Red,Blue,Black and White Wyrmlings. The Iron Golem is the uncommon hero for this pack. Very solid unit, can easily justify having two of these units in an army. The Wyrmlings are baby dragons mimmiking their adult versions. They are all common heroes and have the unique ability to bond with each other creating two unit team. Two packs gives you a total of eight of these baby dragons which allows you to mix and match your army up fairly nicely. However, going up to four packs allows you to focus on one type of wyrmiling to really focus on its abilities.

Orgre and Goblins :2-5
Consists of the Ogre Warhulk and the Goblin Cutters. The Ogre Warhulk is the uncommon hero of this pack. He is a fairly powerful unit, however because of his point cost and his abilities I do not see many reasons why you would ever take more than one in a normal army. The Goblin cutters is a four person squad that relies on numbers to be effective. They are swarm army and just start to become functional with two squads. If you like the goblins, you will need a bunch.

Veterans of the Last War:2-3
Consists of the Werewolf Lord and the Mindflayer Mastermind, both which are uncommon heroes. Also includes the Warforged Soldiers. All these units are pretty cool and have some very unique abilities not seen before in Heroscape. Both Uncommon heroes are likely not needed in multiples. The Warforged Soldiers are a fairly high point cost three man melee squad. They are tougher than your average gorrilla and will function pretty good in smaller numbers.

Wave D3:Moltenclaw's Invasion
Bug Bears and Orcs: 2-4
Consist of the Horned Skulled Brutes and the Death Chasers of Thesk. Both of these are three person common squads with some creative use of the syngergy abilities. Both of reasonable strength and ability. The Death Chaser more verstile with their bonding though (because the Brutes need goblin cutters to use one of their powers). Either way I think you will be fairly happy with both squads in your collection.

Valkrill's Legion: 2-5
Consists of the Ogre Pulverizer Uncommon Hero and the two 2 person common squads in the Mezzodemon Warmongers and the Death Knights of Valkrill. The MezzoDemons have a very unique power with the exoskeleton giving them a unique surviblity. The Death Knights have a bonding power in the same style as the Death Chasers allowing them a fair amount of flexibility and getting some unique bonding options. The Ogre, well, he is a beatstick. Though the bonding from the Death Chasers really help out the ogres now.

Ice Wind Scourge: 1-2
This set is the only set that consists of only uncommon heroes, including the Frost Giant of Morh, Ice Troll Berserker, and the Master of the Hunt. The only reason why you would want more than one pack is if you have Arrow Grut squads and want more than one Ice Troll for them to bond with. Other than that reason, one pack is all you will need.

Well, thats is the last of the official Heroscape Releases at this time. Perhaps one day things will change with new additions. But until that time, I hope you enjoy this guide and it serves you well.

Enjoy the game.

"I wish my iPad would stop trying to autocorrect all the heroscape names for me."

Good Trades I have had.

Collection Guide for Recommended Quantities.

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