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Dungeons & Dragons Customs Hey the title says it all

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Old October 12th, 2017, 11:41 AM
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Misc. D&D Customs


Gleamering Target: Friendly Common figures within 4 clear spaces of SIR AOL MITRI cannot be attacked by unadjacent, normal attacks.

Imposing Knight: Adjacent Common figures roll two less attack die when attacking SIR AL MITRI, unless they have a FEARLESS personality.

A Coward's Reward: SIR AL MITRI rolls one additional die against figures leaving an engagement with him.

I attempted to capture what a golden knight would bring to the battle field, ultimately capturing the attention of ranged foes over common allies.


Sand Dancer: Range 1 Attack 2
When an adjacent figure attacks YUAN-TI QAAIDA and rolls one or less skulls, automatically block the attack, then move YUAN-TI QAAIDA to another unoccupied space adjacent to the attacking figure to roll for the SAND DANCER special attack. The defending figure then rolls one less defense dice.

Poison Blade (Realize the spelling error in the card): If a figure is wounded by YUAN-TI QAAIDA, roll a 20-sided dice. If you roll a 12 or higher, place a POISON marker to inflict one wound to the figure at the end of the round.

Yuan-Ti Qaaida's Sand Dancer special is based on the old arcade game Mace the Dark Age, in which Namira can spin around a miss timed attack and counter with a quick jab.


Einar's Edge: When attacking a figure engaged to a figure following Einar, roll one additional attack dice.

Sisterly Bond: When a friendly YUAN-TI QAAIDA is engaged, YUAN-TI RAFEEQA may only attack a figure engaged to YUAN-TI QAAIDA, and may attack one additional time.

Disengage: YUAN-TI RAFEEQA is never attacked when leaving an engagement.


Slither: AMUSRENAZA do not have to stop his movement when entering water spaces.

Armored Melee: Any enemy engaged to AMUSRENAZA will roll one less attack dice when attacking AMUSRENAZA with a normal attack.

Vydar's Spectors

Will of Vydar: At the beginning of the game choose one Unique Hero or Unique Squad that follows Vydar and place one Spector marker on it. At the start of the round, before you place order markers, you can remove the marker in order to move a small or medium hostile figure engaged to one of the chosen figures one space, and place one VYDAR'S SPECTOR on the previously occupied space. No figure rolls for leaving engagements. You may then place the second SPECTOR adjacent to the first.

Any feedback would be appreciated
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Old November 28th, 2018, 04:05 PM
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Re: Misc. D&D Customs

Vydar Specter's are dope. I also like Sir Al Mitri, but 100 points seems kind of low, hes got great powers and his stats are pretty good.
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