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Custom Units & Army Cards Fan-created HS army cards for units, glyphs, and equipment

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Old April 2nd, 2017, 09:49 PM
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QC3 Summertime Chops Contest - CONGRATS LUMOVANIS!

Welcome to the Quarterly Custom Competition Center! (there, now it's official), the revamped home for everyone's favorite custom unit competitions (not including any run before 2016).

Arriving at our new home in this thread is very exciting, but it is not without its drawbacks. After unloading most of the boxes, we seem to have stumbled across one small issue. Bugs. Are. Everywhere. We don't even know what these bugs are capable of, so let's check that off before we start unloading the Lye on them. The one in the mask gives me a bad feeling for sure.

What better way to christen our new HQ than with a competition making everyone's favorite type of unit: common heroes? I'll tell you what better, having a brand new, full scale, double tier contest! That's right, you will be making a Unique Hero for the masked miniature, and a Common Hero for the other miniature. (See, I used pictures from two different angles, so it looks like two. Oh, you already knew that was the same miniature? Hmm... Okay.)

The figure for the Common Hero is Kraul Winged Warrior...

...the Unique Hero is Kraul Death Priest...

...and both are from the DnD set Waterdeep: Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica

Entries must be in by April 14, as the poll will go up sometime on the 15th. I thought 3 weeks instead of two would be good for making two units.


1. Entries must be sent to me via PM.

2. Keep your entry anonymous while the contest is running.

3. Only 1 entry per member.

4. You may not vote for your own entry as the winner (even if it is the best), and you must vote in the poll if you enter.

5. You must use the miniatures named, probably.

Other Clarifications:

All contestants will be included in the poll if there are 15 or fewer entries, if there are 16-19 I will decide on a Top Ten, and if there are 20 or more I will decide on a Top Fifteen.

You may reuse your old customs

You may enter if you do not make a card for your unit. If you submit the entry early enough I will make a card for you. Also, it's pretty easy to make your own, just use @Xorlof 's awesome card creator and one of the many free photoshop programs (I use GIMP, now).

If you want to change your entry you can, just PM me before I post the poll.

Character bios are allowed, and they might tip the scales in your favor so I recommend them.

If you know of another miniature that is obviously the same species as these, let me know. I may let you use it! If that happens I will share the miniature in this thread. Don't share the miniature in this thread for the sake of anonymity.

Anonymity is not that all that serious. You may remember my blunder a few contests back when all of the card URLs had the creators' names in them. Once the poll comes up, I would prefer to have lively conversation than to have intact anonymity. Don't say which is yours, obviously, but also don't worry if you think your attempt to hide which one is yours went terribly.

Further note on anonymity, you could even play online games with them, just don't share them publicly. Don't make anonymity get in the way of anything at all, it's kind of a joke. I'm actually very serious about how much of a joke it is.

All feedback is welcome.

Iron Clubber
Lazy Orang
All Your Pie

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What is The MollusClash's biggest radio hit?
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What even is CoN?

Last edited by Dr.Goomonkey; August 15th, 2019 at 10:03 PM. Reason: Had to change the title. If you're waiting for this OP to be updated, just be patient, I guarantee it will happen before September begins (or at 1 am on September 1st because I remember this).
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