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Old February 10th, 2010, 02:41 PM
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Role playing Marvel hero/Villain

Saturday : Before the Superbowl
I finally had enough people together to try something I,ve
been working on for some time.
I’ts an idea I got from a guy that went to a war game convention.
It was originally from a Western gunfighter campaign game.
The idea is that each person will control 1 Hero or 1 villain.
There will be a random objective that has to be accomplished.
I had 8 people. We set up a city using all my Heroscape terrain and
all my Marvel terrain.
I also used 7 small styrofoam buildings I made and the marvel
building with the breakaway section. I added the 2 Heroscape ruins
as a sort of slum section of town. And added my city item pack
of 2 phone booths, 3 fire hydrants, 2 mail boxes, and 4 garbage cans.
( these are used to add to defense and for thrown objects).
There were 8 Objectives with 1 part for Villains and 1 part for
Heroes( as follows)
1) Rob the Bank-------- 1) Protect the Bank
2)Bring robot to attack army base ( Q-9)—2) Protect base with 101 Airborne.
3)Steal secret power item-----3) Protect power item.
4) Assasinate the Mayor (Jonny Shotgun)—4) Protect Mayor.
5) Take over gang, in slums (6 figs) wipe out Police –5) Protect Police
(6 figs)
6) Occupy building(with glyph)— 6) Prevent occupation of glyph.
7) Rob armored car passing thru town----7) protect armored car.
Wild Card- Help other villains----Wild Card- Help other heroes.
To start, with 8 people, we each drew a playing card from out of
8 cards, there were 4 red cards(hearts or diamonds) and 4 black
cards (spades or clubs).
If you drew a red card you were on the heroes side, a black card
meant you were with the villains.
Now I have about 100 Marvel cards so I used two decks of playing
cards, 1 deck for Villains and 1 deck for Heroes.
We each drew a card from the deck depending weather you were a hero
or a villain.
Then we drew markers to see what our objectives would be.
We knew going into this that it might be very unbalanced to have
a Super-hero or Super-villain against a crappy guy, so we decided
we would try to balance the difference with added squads of
good guys or bad guys.
This is how it went down. I’ll refer to the players as A thru H to save
Player A drew Quicksilver with the Objective–Steal secret item..
Player B drew MoonKnight to stop items theft..
Player C drew Mandarin with the Objective- Assassinate the Mayor.
( for balance he added 3 Ninjas)
Player D drew Wolverine to protect the mayor.(Jonny Shotgun)
Player E drew Magneto with the objective-Take over the gang in the
slums and wipe out the police.( 6 gang members)
Player F drew Star Lord and wipe out gang( with 6 police)
Player G drew Jack-O-Lantern with Objective- Rob the Bank.
This guy is weak but player G said it was OK and he’d try it
We gave him 4 thugs to go along.
Player H drew War machine and would stop the bank from being
We rolled dice for random entry points and no one knew who their
opponents would be till they took an action or just guessed by what
the other player did.
To make it short, Player A took awhile to reach the secret item
(It was across the board and she had to dodge several players.)
Player B though just couldn’t seem to hit him with Moonknight.
When Player A finally made it, she used Quicksilvers speed to
zip away. (Successful theft).
Player B liked Moonknight but said Quicksilver was a coward and
should come back and fight.
Player A stuck out her tongue ( she does that)
Player C with Mandarin and 3 ninjas had a rough time trying to hit
the mayor.
He caused 2 damage to Mayor Shotgun but the Mayor gunned down
2 Ninjas with his shotgun special attack and Player D had a great
time with Wolverine cutting up the last Ninja then Mandarin.
Player E and Player F were well matched.
Player E and Magneto came on strong. He took control of the
gangs and hit the Police. Player F with Star-Lord tried heroically
to stop him.
In the longest battle of the game Player E and Magneto prevailed
losing all but Magneto and 1 gang member.
Player F did a great job.
Player G with Jack-O-Lantern and his 4 thugs assaulted the Bank
but were met by Player H, War Machine and his gatling gun.
It was a massacre for Player G but he did manage to inflict
3 wounds on War Machine.(but never touched the Bank.)
It was a lot of fun, we’re going to try again with new Heroes.
I’m also trying to think up more scenarios or objectives.

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Old February 10th, 2010, 02:42 PM
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Re: RPG Marvelscape Game

Monk...lower the font buddy...its very hard to read that way
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Old February 10th, 2010, 03:11 PM
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Re: RPG Marvelscape Game

Sorry, my "Wordperfect" got out of hand.
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Old February 11th, 2010, 11:46 AM
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Re: RPG Marvelscape Game

Contratulations! A great mix of wargaming with scape. The multiple objectives often make a good game at many a convention.
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