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Old June 10th, 2008, 04:01 AM
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Serpentor's tales: Findind their way back home #1

After the epic battle between the major generals at the fortress of the archkyrie, many member of "the alliance" were left for dead. When Utgar brought in the rest of his Marro troops, The alliance was forced to retreat. They thought everyone escaped...but they were wrong.

Sgt Drake
The Knights of Weston
Sir Denrick
Agent Carr

Sonya Einswin
Cyprien Einswin
Iskra Einswin
Marcu Einswin
Rechets of Bogart

Left for dead in the battles fields of Vahhala, Sgt Drake, Agent Carr, Sir Denrick, and the knights of Weston, try to find their way back to the rest of their army.

In today's story they encounter the Einswin family on "Vampire Mountain".

"Ughhh" moaned Sgt. Drake. "Where am I?" Drake gets up and looks around, he sees the bodies of his faceless fallen comrades. After a few minutes, Drake realizes his situation, and begins to look for survivors. He makes his way to the remains of the fortress. He hears a rumble in the rubble. He quickly pulls out his pistol and aims it at the noise. With sweat dripping off his nose, pain throbbing in his knee, he puts his finger on the trigger... POW! POW! POW! Drake shoots three shots into the rubbel as something popsout of it. The bullets lay on the ground in front of what has just come out. It's Agent Carr! "Thanks alot for helping me you old fogey!" "Carr!"exclaims Drake. "You have no idea how glad I am to see you!" "oh yeally? I could tell..." said Carr. "Well you can't be to careful out here with these dang Marro running amok." "Yeah, I guess your'e right. You find any other survivors?" "No, I just woke up about an hour ago." "Do you remember what you were doing before you blacked out?" said Carr. "Well, I was fighting off some of the Marro drones, then in the distance I saw Raelyn surrounded by Minions of Utgar, so I ran to ade her. Then, something got blocked my way, I couldn't make it out, but it's the last thing I remember." "You think she made it?" "...I hope so..."

Carr and Drake are walking through the ruins searching for other survivors. "I remember me and Denrick were fighting some dragon, the Knights of Weston came in for help, and something else came in, and I blacked out." "Do you think the knights could still be over where you were?" said Drake. "I guess, but I don't know how to get back there." said Carr. "Well Carr, we haven't had much luck this way, we may aswell go back." "I guess you're right...Let's go!"...On top of one of the last remaining pilars of the fortress, Marcu & Isamu sits, stalking his prey.

"Drake! Do you hear that?" said Carr. "Yeah! Get your sword out!" said Drake. "Hey! Punk! Stop wiggling around under there if you value your life!" said Carr. "SHut up, or I shall slay ye down! #%$%!" "Denrick?"said Drake. From under the rubble come Sir Denrick, and four Knights of Weston. "Drake?!" Denrick says with a perplexed look on his face. "They left you behind?" "Yeah,I thought it was an accident...but I guess you coul" NO, it was an accident" inturupted Denirck. "Weston knights! Bow vefore your heroes!" said Denrick... "Carr!?" said Denrick. "You olde Bugga' I thought you went AWOL a while back?" "Oh, I did, not somuch AWOL as POW." "Oh...Well anyways...Knights! Stop bowing...It's jusr Carr!" The knights stand up. "You old coot" said Carr. "Hey, we should try to find some shelter before it gets to dark." said Drake. "Yeah, I guess you're right" said Denrick. "Knights! In line! Follow!"

"This is good aplace as any I guess" said Drake whilelooking down into a caved in tower. "Well at least it's protective" said Carr. "Let's head in" said Drake.

I'm getting tired, and I wrote this on here and I didn't know you couldn't copy it and paste it on word. So I didn't want to post it yet, but it's the only way I can not lose it. It's not edited or anything, and I haven't worked out the kinks so yeah....lol
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