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Architects of the Realms of Valhalla Discussion and presentation of the maps approved by the ARV.

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Old September 21st, 2019, 02:46 AM
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The Scroll of Pure Gold

By @superfrog

Requires sets: 2x BftU, 1x RttfF


Map Bio: Coming soon


Sir Heroscape
Quoting my review from this map in its original version...

This was easily the most "borderline" map we accepted into the Top 10, but I was willing to give it a chance and boy am I glad I did. This map is SO deceptive in the way it is built. You think the bridge is OP until you realize that it can be engaged from just about anywhere and is countered by Wannock. The 7-hexers look like great podding locations, but the development of this map is deceptively quick and it's actually quite hard to set up podding armies on that plateau because it's actually quite high. The road develops units really well, but you don't NEED it to develop into the map either. Typically I'd send units both along the low ground shadow on the wannock side while also sending units along the road. The Bridge made for some good height, but there's shadow to help attacking figures as well as the trees as LOS blockers. I was extremely surprised by this maps playability, and I think it's one of the first maps to successfully push the envelope of what a "typical" tournament map should look like. I felt it was designed in a very balanced and fun way. I also second Nomad's love for the Startzone spots in the middle, I think those are brilliantly placed and always made for some good early game decisions. I also think it helps balance the map because it can limit podding or placing Raelin because someone can put a bruiser in the middle to lock things up and cause fits for the opponent. I really enjoyed games on this map. I'm giving this map an
The above still stands in this new version. I've played this new version multiple times and with multiple different armies and this map's changes have really made it that much more refined. It feels a bit long, but surprisingly develops really well, and the center startzone piece is just so fun and strategic. I love the play between the bridge height and Wannock opposite, and games were always dynamic and fun. This map really balances itself and the changes to the podding height that were present before have really been mitigated. The height is still there for strong power plays, but much less a pod heavy zone and easily contestable.

to Pure Gold for me

First off, thanks for the resubmission, superfrog! I was happy to see this map come back for consideration. On to the review:

The bridge is more powerful in this version of Pure Gold (though Wannok still offers a good counter). It can be difficult for a melee based army to take control of the bridge from a ranged army, and the most effective way to do it from my experience wasn’t intuitive at first. I found that moving melee figures up onto level three shadow from the Wannok side (with the cover of the central trees), then rushing sideways across the map was often more effective at contesting the bridge position than the alternative - making the hard decision of rushing the bridge using the road, or putting trust in the shadow tiles running adjacent to the bridge to help you weather the attacks from range on height. The latter allowed for range to kite pretty effectively, and get multiple attacks down on approaching units before they were able to engage.

All the elements that I liked with the first version are still present in this version - including the crispness of the start zones, the retention of the middle start zone spaces, and the placement of LOS blockers (the trees in the middle). And most of the negative aspects of the map have been effectively mitigated (7-hex hills, the power of dragons like Nilfheim, and less effective shadow placement specifically). My games on this map were no longer merely a rush to see who could establish position to control the 7-hex hills and Wannok, but were much more strategic and utilized the whole map.

Overall, this version of the map is better, and I believe the changes are sufficient to merit a

I voted on the first rendition. After a few play-tests, I believe that the tweaks improved the strategy and balanced the game-play. It is a different map than most competitive maps we have seen, but I like it! for Pure Gold, revised.

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