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Old December 31st, 2007, 02:51 PM
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Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes

Just wondering if anyone here played this PC MMO called Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes. I like the concept of an MMO, a virtual world where people can play together. But commonly they are just boring grind-fests with a combat system that would be incredibly lame in a normal game. I played Star Wars Galaxies when it first came out and loved that it had some non-combat professions such as musician, dancer, and even hair dresser! But due to the success of games like World Of Warcraft, every new game seems to be combat only, even SWG took away the fun classes and made everything combat oriented and similar to each other.

Lately I've got a craving to join an MMO, and started researching them and found this Vanguard game. Sounds like it has a lot of cool features: 15 classes, 19 races, housing, boats, complicated crafting, harvesting, an in-game collectible card game called diplomacy. Sounds like the closest to the original Galaxies since that game came out. Each class also usually branches out at some point in to 2-4 different disciplines for further individuality. Plus, I found copies for 5-10 bucks on amazon. So I picked up a copy, and hopefully it comes today so I can get started. It sounds like a lot of fun, although the fact it's so cheap probably means it has some problems.

If anyone is looking for an MMO to try out on the cheap, or is a player already, let me know and we can find each other in-game. I read that each server only has around 2000 people at the peak times, so it's not that busy, would be good to find people to adventure with of a similar level.

Here's the link to buy if anyone is interested:


and here's a link to information on classes and such(on the left of the screen):


It's hard to find good info on this game due to the lack of updated fan sites out there, and an official site that is about as in-depth as the official Heroscape site. But, I've found out a lot about the game in research I've done over the past week, so if you have any questions, ask away.
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