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Old September 29th, 2020, 07:48 PM
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Heroscope Campaign with Reign: The Final Battle Royale game

Years ago, another Bay-Area Scaper and I organized a couple of Heroscape Campaign events and they were a blast. We had pre-made maps for different regions in our Valhalla--and some had fortresses.


We also had two teams of players. Each player drafted up to 2000 points of figures in their army pool. Then from their pools, players drafted units for each battle, usually building off their own starter army template(s). When a player lost an entire army card worth of figures in a battle that army card was removed from their army/unit pool. So yes, when a hero died in battle they were gone from the entire campaign.

So with all of that said, I found "Reign: The Final Battle Royale," at Barnes and Noble for $25. It is a Heroscape/Hunger games themed game that has pretty simple game mechanics/rules. It has hex-spaces for movement and board sections that go together in a fixed-island configuration. I think it could work well for a mega/epic campaign idea for friends that want to play a series of battles and/or a story arc.


I am considering using the playing pieces as tokens for representing army-size, since each player has pieces in three different sizes. Years ago I thought of using a Risk style map for such a campaign and the risk units would represent a players armies marching through territories. This game seems to provide similar bits and pieces while also being more in theme with Heroscape.

That way the whole island is laid out, it can be like the land of Valhalla with a range of terrain types (lava, snow, forest, jungle/swamp, desert, mountains, grasslands) and a main citadel in the center of the island. I think small outposts should be added throughout the island to allow for more fortress options on maps.
The fortress icons already on the game board sections can represent Wellspring in Valhalla, which can be worth end of campaign victory points.

Army Tokens
As for the miniatures representing army sizes, I am thinking the smaller figures = a 100 point army, mid-size figures = a 200 point army, and large size figures = a 300 point army. This can cause some unequal army match-ups if you move your armies into battle locations, but I think it could be fun for casual play.

Army Movement
There are a lot of details that I am running through my head, such as multiple turns of movement (such as 3 turns) before initiating a battle. This would allow players to get there armies into positions on the main island board. After three turns each, all Army Tokens that are adjacent to an enemy army token or a allied army token can be considered as "grouped" or "preparing for battle." This will determine the drafting army size for Heroscape units per side.

Declaring Battle
After the three turns of movement, players roll initiative for declaring an locations of battle. The player that wins initiative gets to declare battle at a location. The players will then use a Heroscape map to play out the battle with Heroscape units representing the amount of units "grouped" or "preparing for battle" in the designated battle area.
And perhaps each player may be able to roll a 6-sided die to represent additional points that rallied for their army--such as a "1" = 10 additional points for the army draft and "6" = 60 additional points for the army draft.

Choosing a Heroscope Map
And the terrain type pictured on the "Reign" game board will represent what Heroscape terrain/map is used for the battle. For example one player is on lava style terrain, and the other player is on grassland, the Heroscape Map should be a mix of those terrain types, or two modular mini-maps pushed together to form the battle field.

Heroscope Alignment/Mixed Army Drafts
To align the Valkyrie generals with the four armies in the Reign boardgames, I am starting with the following alliances/mixed army pools:
Yellow/Green Barbarians = A blend of Jandar, Ullar, and Aquilla
Grey Super Soldiers = A blend of Vydar, Jandar, and Utgar Soulborgs
Green Droids/Aliens = A blend of Utgar and Valkrill
Red Samurai = A blend of Einar and Utgar

Current Idea for Campaign Flow

1. Army Movement = 3 rounds
2. Roll for Declaring Battles for any areas of engagement OR "grouped/preparing for battle." The winner of the roll chooses a battle location.
3. Choose a Heroscope map that matches the terrain for the chosen battle
4. Each player places a drafted army up to the limit of their 'group/preparing for battle" army tokens + 1d6 x 10 of additional drafting points.
5. Play Heroscope battle.

REPEAT and play until a specific amount of campaign points have been achieved.

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