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Old March 4th, 2021, 04:14 PM
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Ataraxis the Starlich Public Playtesting

-Figure Photo
Spoiler Alert!

-text version of the card
Spoiler Alert!

Combinations & Synergies

Synergy Benefits Offered
- Terror Enhancement Field: Terrifying figures
The following figures benefit from Ataraxis's Terror Enhancement Field:

- Skeletons of Annellintia: Necromancy & Reanimation
As a Unique Lady, the Skeletons of Annellintia may place destroyed Skeletons on Ataraxis's card, and Reanimate those Skeletons adjacent to Ataraxis when revealing an Order Marker on the Skeletons of Annellintia.

Synergy Benefits Received
- Death Knights of Valkrill: Unholy Bonding
As a medium Hero with the Relentless personality, the Death Knights of Valkrill may take a turn with Ataraxis before taking a turn themselves.

Synergy Benefits Imposed
- Van Nessing: Divine Mission
When Van Nessing takes a turn using the "X" Order Marker with his Divine Mission special power, he rolls 2 additional attack dice against Undead figures, including Ataraxis.

Rulings and Clarifications:
Q: If Ataraxis is on a Unique Hero's Army Card, and that Unique Hero is killed by a Zombie of Morrindan, what happens first, Zombies Rise Again, or the resurrection from Nanobot Virus Phylactery?
A: Zombies Rise Again
, due to the "immediately" in the power.

Q: If Ataraxis is on a Unique Hero's Army Card, and that Unique Hero also has an Ebon Armor on its Army Card, when that Unique Hero dies what happens first the resurrection from Eternal War or the resurrection from Nanobot Virus Phylactery?
A: It is a roll-off to determine which happens first.

Q: If Ataraxis is on a Unique Hero's Army Card due to Nanobot Virus Phylactery, and that Unique Hero dies from something other than a normal attack, special attack, or leaving engagement attack, or Ataraxis cannot be placed, what happens to Ataraxis?
A: Ataraxis remains on that Unique Hero's Army Card. If that Unique Hero is resurrected, Ataraxis may replace the figure the next time it dies.

Q: If Ataraxis is hit by Shurrak is dies due to falling damage from Knockback, can Nanobot Virus Phylactery be used?
A: No. The damage is due to the fall, not from the attack or special attack.

Q: Can Ataraxis be revived by the Glyph of Sturla while on the Army Card of a Unique Hero?
A: Yes. Ataraxis is destroyed and can be revived normally. Obviously Nanobot Virus Phylatery cannot be used to return Ataraxis to the battlefield afterward because she is already on the battlefield.
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Old March 4th, 2021, 11:42 PM
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Re: Ataraxis the Starlich Public Playtesting

Map: Highways or the High Way https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1...2gbNNPdGI/edit

Army 1: Marcu Esenwein, Ataraxis, Zombies of Morindan x6,Isamu

Army 2: Acolytes x6, Skull Demon, Corvor, Isamu

Which units survived? 6 Acolytes and Isamu

Heroscaperguy and I both began the game by developing figures onto the eastern plateau. I used Necrotizing Wormhole to develop Ataraxis faster than she would have been able to otherwise and get an early shot at a lone Acolyte, however the 4Av3D shot was blocked. After this I switched over to using all zombies with Ataraxis in position. Unfortunately, the lone Acolyte that I’d failed to kill summoned Corvor, who advanced to engage and kill Ataraxis in either one or two attacks (I think it was a single OM.) However, this left Corvor in a bad position and able to be swarmed with Zombies, so I placed Ataraxis on Corvor hoping that he would soon die to the Zombie onslaught and Ataraxis would return to support my Zombies. Over the next several rounds I was able to make multiple Zombie Onslaught attacks against Corvor while developing my Zombies’ position to the west as well. However, my onslaught rolls were very poor. The five onslaught attacks I rolled against Corvor resulted in 2, 3, 1, 1, and 2 skulls each. Eventually Corvor did fall, but by that point I only had 4 zombies left as Heroscaperguy had been consistently attacking them with his Acolytes. Two of my remaining zombies were too far to the west of Ataraxis’s position for her to help them immediately and they fell before she was able to get in position.

Meanwhile, Heroscaperguy summoned in the Skull Demon and advanced him to kill Ataraxis. I was able to advance Marcu and start attacking the skull demon, who fell quickly due to some lucky rolls and revived Ataraxis once more. Marcu and Ataraxis mounted a brave defense against the remaining Acolytes, but there were simply too many of them. They killed Ataraxis first as that was where all my OMs were, who haunted Marcu, then they killed Marcu. However, Ataraxis was immediately killed the same turn in which she was revived after rolling 0 shields against a 3 skull attack from an Acolyte. Isamu was out of range of her phylactery, and he tried to do some shenanigans, but ultimately failed a vanish roll to die after killing one Acolyte.

How useful were playtesting units' powers and how often did they come into play?

Wormhole used: 2
Enhanced Attacks: 2
Enhanced Kills/Wounds: 2 Acolytes killed by Marcu
Disengages Prevented: 0
Revivals: 3 (Haunted Corvor, then Skull Demon, then Marcu)

Ataraxis made three normal attacks from height which failed to kill any Acolytes.

Any additional comments (theme, balance, fun factor with and against)?

I’ve got quite a few additional comments Overall my first impressions of Ataraxis are very positive. She's an extremely unique design with a wide assortment of potential synergy implications and effects that she brings as a cheerleader for undead/terrifying figures. I think that combining a revival power along with cheerleader stats and powers is a clever way to avoid the repeated kamikaze style play that Azazel encourages. I also really appreciate that all three powers don't require clear sight. Since she's already a relatively complicated figure, not needing to remember which of her three abilities require sight and which don't is nice. All you need to do is remember that she never needs LOS for her abilities and you're good to go.

At this point my main critique is that the card feels a little “busy” and could probably stand to be simplified a bit. As far as ways that the overall design could be streamlined, I think the best way would be to simplify Terror Enhancement Field:

Opponents' figures within 4 spaces of Ataraxis roll 1 fewer defense die against terrifying figures. and cannot move or be moved by any special power on an Army Card or Glyph if the movement would cause a leaving engagement attack from a terrifying figure.
This reduces the wording of the power by over 50%, and IMO the gameplay implications of the additional movement restrictions don't quite justify the added complexity to an already busy design. After our game I asked Heroscaperguy if there was ever an instance when he would have considered making a disengagement that the Terror Field prevented, and he said there really wasn’t. There's also the fact that the power is to my mind a bit thematically odd. I understand that the power is intended to convey the theme of freezing enemies in terror. However, I think an even more common association with terror is to "flee in terror," which this power ironically prevents enemies from doing entirely. Also, in keeping with the "frozen in terror" interpretation of the theme it doesn't quite make sense that affected figures are still free to attack and move around the Terrifying figures as long as they don't leave engagement.

The name “Terror Enhancement Field” also doesn’t feel quite right to me. I think part of what strikes me as strange is that Terrifying figures don't inherently debuff enemies themselves, whereas the word "enhancement" in Heroscape typically implies an improved version of an existing ability or stat, if that makes sense? As possible alternatives, I think I'd like the names FEAR INDUCTION FIELD or TERROR STIMULATOR a lot more based on what the power does. Again, I realize my thematic observations are subjective quibbles; as I offer my two cents, I trust the c3v knows what it's doing :slight_smile:

Another thing that Heroscaperguy and I observed is that the wording for Nanobot Virus Phylactery currently prevents Ataraxis from being revived if she is on the card of an enemy medium hero, and that hero is killed by friendly zombies. Because the Zombies’ ZOMBIES RISE AGAIN power is mandatory and revived Zombies are placed immediately upon the destruction of the enemy figure, there is no longer any space to revive Ataraxis. This is unfortunate as it quite significantly limits her utility within an otherwise very synergistic and thematic army. I would recommend updating the text for Nanobot Virus Phylactery to cause her revival to occur at the same time as the Zombies’ revival, so that the active player could choose which would occur first:
When Ataraxis is destroyed, you may remove all wound markers from this card and place Ataraxis on the card of any Unique Hero within 5 spaces of Ataraxis. For the entire game, if a Unique Hero with your Ataraxis on its card is destroyed by a normal or special attack or a leaving engagement attack, immediately place Ataraxis on a space the destroyed figure occupied, if possible.
Most of these suggestions are relatively minor, and I’m very excited to see how everyone’s favorite Starlich develops in the weeks and months to come

Version tested

Spoiler Alert!

Game Stats
Spoiler Alert!

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