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Old February 15th, 2012, 03:32 AM
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Re: 3Hex's Customs. Wooo.

Well, I looked at the Omnicron Bombers... they're broken to say the least. The only units in the classic game that have a ranged attack of 6 or more are the Roman Archers, and they are seriously limited otherwise. For 90 points, you should be looking at a weaker Unique or Uncommon hero.

Also, splash damage in a normal attack is entirely unprecedented, and makes calculating height advantages very difficult, and two figures with that powerful of an attack would make the Silver Surfer and Hulk wince. I would suggest making the Bombers a Common or Uncommon hero in the 70-120 range.

OmniBonding needs an Order Marker clause, like the Wyrmlings use, or you can remove it and draft the C3V's Omegacron.
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Old February 23rd, 2012, 12:19 PM
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Re: 3Hex's Customs. Wooo.

Okay, I'll see about fixing those. I meant for there to be no OM clause, but I suppose two possible bonds in one turn is too much.

Fixed the Bombers, and Defenders.

Oh wait...nope. I wondered if Omegacron had a bonding power. Now I don't need to fix Alphacron's bonding.

Marro Drones FTW!
My favorite squad(s)...
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Old April 3rd, 2013, 07:41 PM
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Re: 3Hex's Customs. Wooo.

Stopping by to comment on a few of your customs. I highly recommend downloading MSE (Magic Set Editor) with the Heroscape stuff. There's a tutorial or something around here somewhere. It makes creating cards a piece of cake.

Omnicron Assaultoids
Pretty scary, though the short range really hurts. Full Arsenal does not work as written. For an example of a problem, does the defending figure have height advantage if one of the Assaultoids is below it and another above? This needs to be a special power. There are a few official precedents you can use for wording, including the Roman Archer's Arrow Volley and the Ashigaru Yari's Encircle.

Omnicron Bombers
Is Long Range Bombardment a special attack? If not, can Bombers never attack anything once it gets close or figures under overhangs? The last line says affected figures roll defense separately; when is more than one figure affected by a Bomber's attack?

Omnicron Defenders
Fire from Cover is a neat idea, but could cause problems at the table. Imagine another player shifting his figure so that it has line-of-sight on a Defender, then you shift it so it doesn't, then he shifts his again so it does, then you shift again, ad nauseum. For OmniBonding, is a bonus turn or a replacement turn? You need a "before taking a turn" or "instead of taking a turn" in there. As for the design, giving order marker freedom to the Omnicron group might be too powerful, but it's an interesting way to do it. Why no love for the Repulsors?


A terrifying powerhouse, bonding with squads and then following up with a powerful attack. Despite the relatively low life/defense, the high point cost is definitely worth it.

King Arthur
A useful addition to a 4th/Sentinels army, though I doubt he'd be worth the price of 2 sets of 4th. In King Arthur's Command, an army card cannot be within clear sight of anything. I suggest looking at Kato Katsuro's Command for precedent.

Sir Galahad
It's a fun concept, but one that's extremely dependent on how glyphs are being handled in a game. He would be amazing in a very small random glyph pool and terrible in a large one. What about Treasure Glyphs?

This guy is worth way more than 200 points. 2 auto skulls and 2 auto shields, plus immunity to auto-wound powers? He's an army by himself.

Emperor Larilar
You're underestimating the power of his Aura; for the Einar Imperium it's better than Taelord's. Einar Imperium with this guy and Kiova and Raelin will mop the floor with most anybody.

Totsumeta Kaliari
You're missing something in Dance of the Dragon Sword; it doesn't say he gets to attack after the bonus movement. "Kaliari" is a strange name for a Japanese person, strange at best. I doubt any romanization of a Japanese name would put both an "L" and an "R" in the same word -- the Japanese language does not distinguish between the two sounds.

Guldar + Gorillinators is invincible. Even if you limit his ability to only Human Agents, Guldar + Nakitas + Raelin + Rats will probably beat any army.

Agent X
Superspy is right! Having only a single attack per order marker is limiting, but he can bring down just about anything in melee. Hard to say if he's balanced without playtesting.

Interesting concept, but it would be better if his cost was lowered and the bonus kept smaller. It's costly, but +2 attack on the Fen Hydra would probably devastate most armies. Syvarris with that could probably destroy the world too.

Human Mutates
What does this mean: "When moving up levels, you may add 4 to
the move value of this card."? Does this mean every time either Mutate climbs up one or more levels the Move value for the turn increases by 4? Walking up stairs could turn them into super speedsters. Enhanced Toughness is more effective than you're thinking; it makes them immune to most leaving engagement attacks, falling damage, lava field damage, any many auto-wound powers.

X Drones
X Enhancement would apply both affects for an adjacent Drone, since an adjacent figure is also within two clear sight spaces. X Swarm is a cool idea, though it has a stacking complexity issue. Imagine Drones A, B, C, and D all move adjacent to a figure. A attacks and rolls 20. Now A, B, C, and D can attack the figure, as well as B, C, and D's normal attacks. A attacks, rolls a 1. B attacks, rolls a 1. C attacks, rolls a 15. A, B, C, and D can attack again, but we still haven't even gotten to B's normal attack. The remaining attacks are A, B, C, D, D, B, C, and D, and any of them could throw more attacks on the stack. It's too messy.

Grey Mothership
What does this mean: "Grey Mothership does not receive any extra
Move/Range/Attack/Defense."? Does it never have height advantage? Can it never get Raelin's bonus? Hover doesn't make sense; when comparing figures to determine height advantage only the figures' bases are compared.

Grey Warships
Same issues as above.

Grey Commander
If an opponent's figure of speed 4 on a road moves within 10 clear sight spaces of a Grey Commander on it's 6th move, what happens? The wording "may only take 1 turn per turn" is meaningless; it is never possible to take more than one turn during a turn. One can take multiple turns per round, however. But even if you limit it per round, it has the same issue as above. What if a Viper moves into a Grey Commander's aura on its second turn? Additionally, one cannot take a turn with "up to 4 Grey Troopers you control," as squad figures can never take individual turns. I suggest looking at the Marro Hive for precedent of how to do something like this.

Grey Troopers
This is a fun idea, somewhat like C3V's Kira Jax. However, these guys are overly devastating with the Grey Commander's X marker bonus. Four attacks of 5 at range will destroy most anything.

Another fun concept, but it causes problems. First, while it's clear in Heroscape what it means when a figure cannot move or attack, there is no such concept for defending. I assume you mean it cannot roll defense dice. Much more problematic, however, is that there are many special powers that are always on, and it's not always going to be clear what it means when it "cannot use any special powers." Does a figure with Lava Resistant in lava die? Lava Resistant isn't a power that is "used," it's just on. How about squads? If one Knight of Weston is within the aura and the rest of them are not, can they use Human Champion Bonding? Regardless, as far as I can tell, K'linyur is immune to armies that lack a ranged attack. Just never use Mind Wipe and you'll eventually win.

Mental Interception is a cool idea. I can probably come up with some corner case that breaks it if I try hard enough, but it's neat.

An elf-kyrie hybrid is a creative idea. Duel Heritage needs to be clarified to say Driluminar's species is both Kyrie and Elf. Book of Ancient Incantations sadly will never work. The first question is for powers that aren't "used" but are always on, such as Haduc's (C3V design) Elven Supremacy. The second question is whether or not the text of the powers is modified. For example, Arkmer's Engagement Strike says to roll the 20-sided die when a figure "moves adjacent to Arkmer." Is this text modified to say "moves adjacent to Driluminar" or do you only use Driluminar's borrowed Engagement Strike when a figure moves adjacent to Arkmer? If the wording is modified, both Driluminar and Ulginesh using Mind Link will create a bonding loop.

Elven Archers
What does "block each skull seperately" mean? Is each skull treated as a seperate attack and the defender gets to roll their full defense dice against each?

This entry has a formating problem in the first post. Mythic Enhancement is incredible -- a Raelin boost without the aura restriction. Fortunately Ullar's forces aren't that strong, but Charos + Greenscales or a mass of Aubriens might be too strong with that boost (even with the cost), despite the cost. Might be crazy-good for a Viper army too. For most melee armies Ilsuna + Warriors of Ashra would be depressing to play against.

Tov Ruk Wa
A figure with 8 life / 8 defense and 5 attack is worth more than 175 points by itself (is Newly Hatched supposed to apply to Tov Ruk Wa)? Only one attack per turn, but it's a strong attack and she'll take forever to kill. More frighteningly, in a 600pt game if you have 12x Drones or 12x Dividers and put in Tov Ruk Wa for free! Broken Minds is a nasty downside, but Tov Ruk Wa is really, really tough and you can leave her in the starting zone until the rest of your forces are dead, so it won't come into play often.

Fun design. I don't see how the class General fits, but I like the potentially rough decisions Bullet Spray causes. Is your intention with Bullet Jam that it will almost always hit the X order marker, thus making it so that the X is normally on Devastron? Also, normally negative affects from a d20 happen on the lower numbers (1-3 instead of 18-20), though Marcu broke that precedent.

Zettian Destroyers
Do you intend Shock Wave Special Attack to be an all-or-none (that is, all Destroyers use the special attack or all of them use normal attacks) special attack like the Airborne Elite's Grenade or a mix-and-match like the Wolves of Badru's Pounce? Either way you should clarify. The offensive potential is nuts, but so is the price tag. I think the design would be better overall if you dropped the attack strength of the special and dropped the cost of the squad accordingly. As is, losing even one is crushing to your army.

Zettian Hackers
When do you chose which figures are not allowed to attack? During your turn? If so, that creates an unfortunate memory mechanic -- something you need to remember without having a marker to represent it. If you choose it anytime you want, well, then you can always just chose any figure before it attacks. Either way, endgame these guys can entirely shut down an opponent's melee soulborg army.

Zettian Scoutships
Data Relay has the memory mechanic problem I mentioned above. Aside from that, adding dice to a special attack is problematic. What does it mean for Q9? Does that mean he can choose to attack with one die each shot, and each shot gets +2 attack dice? No Control is a really cool way to make up for them being unkillable to melee units. If you reveal a numbered order marker on the Scoutships, can you move them 5 spaces and then take a full turn with them?

Wild Enhancement is awesome, and amazing for the newly-released C3V Dreadgul Raiders -- too good for them actually. Hidden Treasure is a cool concept. It probably breaks some scenarios, and it doesn't work at all for temporary glyphs (what happens if Blackbeard steps on the Glyph of Mitonsoul?), but I like the concept.

Pirate Crew
Range of 2 is weird. Not necessarily for your design, just in general with how the rules work. A Pirate could hit a figure 100 higher as long as he still has clear sight to it. Landlubbers Be Doomed is severely powerful; so much so it will limit the Pirate Crew's effectiveness to only water maps. I recommend dropping the Defense loss from 4 to 1 or maybe 2. That will still allow them to be thematic without having the ability tank their price. Arr Charge is a cool ability.

Darkling Stalkers
This design is trying to do too much. The real trick to making good units is to find a way to bring out the desired theme in a simple, concise way. Giving them an all-grey hitzone would capture much of the theme without taking any text, as an example. Allowing another player to attack a Stalker when it attacks is a no-no, as any out-of-turn attack is a no-no. I could give a list of reasons for this, but for now I'll just simply say that the official designers avoided out of turn attacks for a reason.


Pretty solid all-around design. Mind Cloud is a cool once-per-turn ignore-wounds mechanic that I might want to steal for one of my own units.

Zombie Hounds
Unfortunately, a squad cannot have the class Beasts. Beast Bonding does not work with it, as there is no such thing as a "turn" with a partial squad. There is a problem with the two powers -- if a Zombie Hound pounces a medium figure and destroys it, what happens? Does a Zombie of Morindan appear and the Hound is destroyed? Or is the Hound placed on the vacated space and no Zombie appear? These two powers really don't work well together.
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Old April 4th, 2013, 09:05 AM
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Re: 3Hex's Customs. Wooo.

As Scytale has suggested, some of those customs are extremely overpowered.

Omnicron Assaultoids
Phenomenal stats straight out of the gate. Squads of 3 with an attack of 4 are rare (Dzu-Teh and Ninjas of the North Wind are the only ones I could see at a glance). Add a defense of 5 which is already rare for squads and things are looking good. Add Range as well, and this is looking gravy, despite the low move. 120 points may justify that.

The Full Assault though is just broken. It is a hero decimator. Using a probability table here even if they roll 10 dice (the max shown in the table) a figure with a defense of 6 has a 90% chance of receiving one or more wounds, and would inflict an average of 3 wounds each turn on such a Hero.

Omincron Defenders
Similarly to above, the 12 defense on these guys is pretty intense, especially at 80 points for a squad of 4. If something attacks them with 4 dice (which is decent), it only has a 15% chance of inflicting a wound with 10 defense dice, so even less with 12. Based on the ability I expect these would be double-base figures. This makes them an extremely strong screen; move them forward, prevent the opponent from moving forward while they plink away at these guys ineffectively, while you keep firing with range (such as your Omnicron Bombers). Bonding just makes it more broken.

As Scytale mentioned above, the 2 autos being permanently on makes him far too powerful. To fix it, it could be reduced to 1 of each, or make it conditional and only occurs at certain times.

Totsumeta Kaliari
I really like Dance of the Dragon, that is pretty cool. I've been toying with some variations of this theme (attacking multiple enemies while moving).

I didn't pick up the Gorillinator thing that Scytale did, good pick up! However I'm not in love with Stealth Cloak. If you get this guy on to a glyph and then never put an order marker on him again, that glyph can never be contested. Similarly if you put him in a good choke point. Making something hard to remove or punishing your opponent for trying is one thing, but actually making it impossible is another.

Agent X
This is one of those ones which can be pretty swingy so it is hard to tell if it is overpowered or not. I think with the Stealth Armour, he might have 1 less defense and life. It would be interesting to see how he plays, By the way, are these just designs or have you playtested some of these? I'd be interested to hear about this guy in particular.
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Old February 27th, 2015, 05:37 PM
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Re: 3Hex's Customs. Wooo.

Haven't been here a while. Hi Guys. Holy Crap, you two really looked at those hard. I can try to address those issues at some point. Right now I've started posting my HS stuff on deviantart under jumbreonc. HS forever!

Marro Drones FTW!
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