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Old April 18th, 2020, 10:49 AM
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Re: All-Heroscape Mega-Tournament - 2018 to 2020

The first two rounds of the Ostrivick Regional has concluded. The full bracket has been updated for the single-elimination BIG DANCE in Post #2 of this thread. Thanks for reading!


Round 1 - Battle 1 @ Isenfell

Zaiken's Water: Zaiken, Water Elemental x5, Sahuagin Raider x3, Fenn Hydra = 445 (#91, 1-2 -128 )
Valguard's Raiders: Dreadgul Raiders x3, Valguard, Lea Argil, Guilty McCreech, Malleus = 450 (#38, 2-1 +321)

A Dreadgul charges in early to take on Zaiken

The Fenn Hydra is surrounded

Lea delivers the final blow

March 15, 2020. A crazy rolling-over of the water army by the Dreadguls. True, the map didn’t really benefit an army who needed water to succeed, but wowzy! All of the Water Elementals, Sahuagins, and Zaiken were taken out early. The Dreadguls only lost one squad and Malleus suffered one wound. Who was left? The Fenn Hydra! Pinned down for the entire battle, the Hydra fought valiantly! Even two of his four wounds came from Wannok. By the end of the battle, Valguard, Guilty, and only one Dreadgul were left standing for 162 points. Valguard and his Raiders will tackle the 27th ranked Su-Bak-Na’s Dividers in the next round. Should be fun!

Round 1 - Battle 2 @ Road to Avernus

Akumaken's Stingers: Marro Stingers x3, Marro Hive, Akumaken = 450 (#70, 2-1 -175)
Gothlock's Chasers: Death Chasers of Thesk x4, Gothlock, Ogre Pulverizer = 450 (#59, 2-1 +142)

The Chasers make their charge!

Gothlock and friends threaten the Hive

Stingers track down the last one

March 15, 2020. True to form for a typical battle involving the Deather Chasers and Gothlock – they dominated early! Things were so depressing for Akumaken and his Stingers, barely a sliver of hope remained. By the start of the 4th round, Akumaken’s forces were down to 3 Stingers and the Hive. Only 2 Chasers and 3 wounds on Gothlock were inflicted, while Akumaken killed just one figure with his defense power before falling. But, the tide turned – and boy howdy, how did it turn! A couple of rebirths and a nice 4/4 roll on Gothlock took down Valkrill’s flagbearer. In time, all of the weak-defense Chasers were picked off. Bambam picked up the Witherwood glyph on his way toward the Hive, but was taken down by Stingers before he got close enough. Three mighty Stingers remained on the battlefield and one wound was delivered on the Hive. 173-point margin of victory in this slight upset. Akumaken will take his Stingers to do battle with the #6 ranked Mogrimm’s Grinders in the next round.

Round 2 - Battle 5 @ Battlefield 23

Valguard's Raiders: Dreadgul Raiders x3, Valguard, Lea Argil, Guilty McCreech, Malleus = 450 (#38, 3-1 +487)
Su-Bak-Na's Dividers: Marro Dividers x3, Kee-Mo-Shi, Su-Bak-Na, Isamu = 450 (#27, 2-1 +550)

Kee-Mo-Shi and Valguard go toe-to-toe

Su-Bak-Na dishes out some big attacks

The Dividers finish off the Dreadguls

March 16, 2020. Su-Bak-Na came out to play early to try to take out that high-lifer Valguard, who charged early to try to tie things down. The Dragon did, finally, kill Valguard, after a bunch of attacks, before falling itself. The Dividers divided 6 times - First two that were killed (but not really dead), and then three in a row to replicate previously dead Dividers in rounds two and three. And then one at the end. In the six divides, 20 was rolled four times – now that is some impressive 20-sider work! It was an up-in-the-air, who-is-going-to-win-it type of battle right up until the last OM. Guilty could be the hero! But, after Guilty whiffed on two attacks a Divider killed him in one attack and then the last Dreadgul fell fast. Anti-climactic for sure. Five Dividers and Isamu were left at the end for only 93 points. Su-Bak-Na and the Dividers advance to the next round!

Round 2 - Battle 6 @ Savage Corridor

Akumaken's Stingers: Marro Stingers x3, Marro Hive, Akumaken = 450 (#70, 3-1 -2)
Mogrimm's Grinders: Mogrimm Forgehammer, Axegrinders of Burning Forge x3, Migol Ironwill = 440 (#6, 3-0 +685)

Dwarves vs. Aliens - only in Heroscape!

Stingers make their last stand

Migol and friends punish the Hive

March 16, 2020. #6 Grinders were willing to take on all-comers. But it all looked very dim and very Marro like early on. Migol was down to one-life … before he went on a tear. Oh man, this Migol knew how to turn on the dwarf-jets. His last 4 attacks were 2/2 skulls for 4, killing the hive and Akumaken. Sure, the first three Stingers took out a few Axegrinders and did some damage on Migol. But things snowballed against Team Marro quickly. Only 2 rebirths in all for the Hive, the first and last try. Mask of Terror does not work against the fearless Dwarves by the way – which we learned. Mighty Mogrimm and the Grinders advance to face the Dividers in what should be a fantastically fun battle.

Round 2 - Battle 7 @ Bleakshadow Pass

Brunak's Fire: Obsidian Wyldfire x3, Brunak, Vadik Hollesturm, Marcu Esenwein = 450 (#43, 3-1 +504)
Quorik's Raptors: Beakface Sneaks x4, Quorik Warwitch, Tearik Drako, Izumi Samurai, Darrin Razorbeak = 450 (#22, 3-0 +388 )

Tearik ties down Vadik early

Sneaks aren't afraid of a little heat

All hail Quorik!

February 23, 2020. Yes, this battle was a bit ago, but I remember it well. I won . . . with one of my favorite underdog armies. Tearik Drako was taken out early before inflicting much damage. The Izumi were able to set up a nice defensive wall on one side of the map. And then Quorik came out to play as the Sneaks kept jabbing away at the Wyldfire. Quorik showed patience and would flutter, pop an attack here or there. Darrin Razorbeak charged in to give Vadik a few acrobatic assaults, but the real hero was the Warwitch – who is becoming one of my favorite C3V designs. After a lengthy battle of attrition and unlucky dice rolls by Team Fire, the #22 ranked Raptors will move on to the next round. At the end, Quorik had suffered only one wound, a squad of Sneaks hung on, and Darrin Razorbeak had a single life remaining.

Round 2 - Battle 8 @ Battlefield 23

Augamo's Vindicators: Augamo, Talingul, Greater Ice Elemental, Vindicators of Vydar = 445 (#75, 2-2 +267)
Urk's Brutes: Horned Skull Brutes x4, Urk, Goblin Dog Rider x2 = 445 (#11, 3-0 +360)

Augamo and Big Ice take on Brutes

Augamo saves Talingul

Augamo finally falls, but was the MVP

March 24, 2020. This one should have been a blowout, right? Undefeated and 11th ranked, the Brutes should have rolled to victory. Augamo and the Greater Ice Elemental came out early to play. Augamo was a Brut killing machine. Big Ice was not, but did nice as a screen for a few rounds, allowing Talingul to get some ranged shots in. The Vindicators were able to take down a squad of Brutes, but were not able to self-repair. Augamo finally fell to the last Brute, which Talingul promptly dismissed. It all came down to a 3-life Talingul against a 2-life Urk. Urk made his charge to get closer, but Talingul was able to make the kill as Urk’s dice went cold with no shields in defense. A major upset on Battlefield 23. Augamo’s Vindicators move on to face the Raptors in the semi-finals of the Ostrivick Regional.

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