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Old December 27th, 2008, 09:36 PM
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The Battle to End All Battles- Muck Land

Well maybe not... this is my first actual battle in about a year or so, because for some reason by younger cousin became in love with the game all of a sudden. We had little else to do since it was 11:00 pm. Since it is my first battle in so long, I thought I'd write a battle report since it may be the battle to end all others. I'll be exaggerating a bit...

Rules: 300 points, eliminate the foe. No Order Markers
Map: A small map made entirely from SotM. A river on one side, and a swamp basin dividing the map in three
Players: Me, my cousin, my friend
Armies: Only from SotM:
Mine- Marro Drudge x2, Marro Hive (280)
Friend- Nagrubs x2, Raelin (Sotm), Marro Stingers x2 (300)
Cousin- Sgt. Drake (Sotm), Major Q10 (330, I let it slide since he would have to waste a bunch of points since we only had SotM)

Opening Thoughts: My cousin and friend were nubs. I thought this would be an easy victory, so I chose rather gimmicky units.

Battle Report: We are all in relatively close quarters. I rolled a nine, my cousin a 16 and my friend a 2.

My cousin brings over Q10 and eliminates a Drudge of mine. My turn, and I put 2 wounds into the metal man. Then my friend brings over 3 Stingers, there's 2 more dead Drudge.

Meanwhile, I try to convince my friend to go for Q10 but she doesn't listen and just attacks me. Then I try to convince my cousin. "Look at all her guys, wouldn't it be more beneficial to attack her?" He agrees.

His turn once more, he takes a swing and eliminates one of my friend's stingers. The alliance has been set. I move onto swamp but fail to eliminate her Stinger. I don't reveal the Hive's powers yet, because I know my cousin will then turn on me. My friend brings over more stingers, and now I only have one left.

Me- 1 Drudge + Marro Hive
Cousin- Drake, 2 damaged Q10
Friend- 4 stingers, 6 nagrubs, 1 Raelin


And then, all of a sudden something slams into the swamp! My 7 year old cousin threw a foot ball which we then proceeded to tackle him. At the same time, my 4 yr. old girl cousin put on Save my Baby by that ICarly chick, "Save me!" I thought. Oh lol... I soon as I was typing this my sister just put on that song from her IPod, oh god no... "Can we listen to Foo Fighters next?"


Back to the battle... My cousin brings Drake in closer to help out the Major, while I finally reveal my spawing abilities and revive two Drudge. "What? I didn't know he could do that?" says my cousin. "I'm going to kill you now." Knew it. My friend attacks the hive, oh man 3 skulls against my none sheilds. My Hive is half way dead.

Then Major Q10 finishes it, aswell as leaving me with only 2 Drudge. "OKay now I won't kill you." "Uh... thanks."

I reduce my friend to 2 Stingers as she finishes off his Q10.

Me- 2 Drudge
Cousin- Sgt. Drake
Friend- 6 Nagrub, 1 Stinger, Raelin


When the going gets tough, get out of there. My cousin kills off my friend's Stingers with a mighty sword and I use my swamp tunnel to go to the only place on the map with height advantage, on swamp might I add. Not too shabby.

Then come the Nagrubs. Drake is surrounded by 3 but they fail to wound him. Drake manages to kill one and I manage to shoot one that's next to him, trying to keep our alliance. Then a Nagrub wounds Drake and kill one of my Drudge.

"Time to get out of there!" Drake gets rid of one more Nagrub, as my last unit runs away into the distant swamp lands and I shoot another Nagrub.

Me- 1 Drudge
Cousin- 1 damaged Drake
Friend- 1 Nagrub, Raelin


Drake miraculously fails to kill the Nagrub with his sword (lol), and the Nagrub gives him 2 more wound markers (lol, again). I sit pretty.

Finally Drake kill the Nagrub, I swim over to kill Raelin. I've got a Swamp Boost, and Height Advantage and manage 3 wound markers on the Kyrie! "Alright!" But then it flies over, and jabs at me with her spear. I try to block with my gun, but it shatters and the spear goes through my chest. I'm dead (cry).

It's between Drake and Raelin. Drake runs away, for some reason unknown but Raelin chases after givng him 1 more wound marker. Drake swings his mighty sword, and snaps Raelin's spear in half cutting off her boobies, killing her, and finally ending the game.

To the Hive for reviving my Marro
Friend for building such a grand army

I lost

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Old December 27th, 2008, 11:58 PM
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Re: The Battle to End All Battles- Muck Land

Uh... nice. man- why the drudge? in my game, they didn't get ONE SHOT OFF!!! well, good game, at least.

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Old December 28th, 2008, 12:43 AM
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Re: The Battle to End All Battles- Muck Land

The drudge actually aren't all that bad, especially on a SotM map. I just got SotM, they're probably my second-favorite unit in the set.

(Of course, that's when your opponent doesn't torch your starting zone with Zelrig xD).

Just want to point out that the drudge can only tunnel to a same-level swamp space. It sounds like you tunnelled up to a high point, from your report. Don't tell your friends .

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