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Old June 2nd, 2010, 07:16 PM
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Links to all Heroscape Websites and Online Stores

Although Heroscapers.com is the "premier" heroscape website, it does not meet all needs. Check other sites if you want to:
  • View Heroscape info in other languages or nationalities besides US-English
  • View online spreadsheets, build armies, and other tools that cannot be in static text or code on a vBulletin/BBcode based forum.
  • See other people's personal maps, customs, blogs, or info other presented in a different layout than this forum.
  • Browse basic info from a mobile phone/device
  • Wikis where page content is edited by all, not just by admins who maintain sticky threads, or browsing through many posts.
  • Specific information and support on applications made for Heroscape.
  • Make people who spent time on other sites feel validated when their page count goes up after you visit.

Please post more and I will add to this post. Gaming forums and review sites, and other general sites are excluded*. I might later add all the heroscapers.com users that maintain each site but unsure about many of them, so if you maintain one of the sites, let me know. Other nationalities/languages sites have red. Sites are ordered in approximately by how recent/often they are updated.

Official Sites:
www.Heroscapers.com - The best heroscape site.
archive.wizards.com - D&D Heroscape Master Set: Battle for the Underdark
www.wizards.com/Company/Brands/Heroscape.aspx - Wizards of the Coast Hersocape Site Down
www.hasbro.com/heroscape/, www.heroscape.com/, www.hasbro.com/games/kid-games/heroscape/ - Hasbro Heroscape Site Down
www.hasbro.com/heroscape/en/ - Hasbro International Heroscape Site - UK English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands Down
Heroscape.net - Heroscapers.com predecessor
heroscapehq.com - Heroscapers.com predecessor

Fan Sites:
www.heroscape-fan-seite.de - Deutsch Heroscape Fan-Seite
www.spazioforum.it/forums/heroscape.html - Heroscape ITALIA
forum.heroscape.free.fr - Aranas's Français Forum pour les amateurdu jeu Heroscape
lyricoz.over-blog.com/ - Lyricoz's Français Heroscape Site
Valhalla Custom's Hall - Français & English SOV & C3V Graphic database
www.heroscape.cz - Českı & English Heroscape Database
battleplan.mythacle.com/heroscape/ - Mythacle Battleplan
heroscape.glasq.com/ - Gary's Heroscape Site
westend.d2g.com/heroscape/ - Westend Heroscape Army Drafter
scapemaps.dabbledb.com/publish/scapemaps - dabbledb scape maps database.
heroscape.awardspace.info - AliasQTip's HeroScape Site
flameslayer93.blogspot.com - flameslayer93's Heroes on Hexes blog
myheroscape.blogspot.com/ - Adventures in Heroscape
quincythompson.blogspot.com - qt.bangerang's Hobby Room
superflycircus.blogspot.com - SuperflyTNT's The Superfly Circus
www.rodriguezphotography.com/shieldcrusher/ - Rodriguez’s Custom Heroscape (Raudulfr Shieldcrusher's site)
hsapp.tk - HiTech's iPhone app beta site.
heroscape.isfoundhere.com - isfoundhere site, including Card Generator
www.angelfire.com/tx6/heroscape/ - TX6's heroscape site
www.hscodex.com/ - Heroscape Codex
heroscape.wikia.com - Heroscape Wiki at Wikia.com
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroscape en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroscape
- Heroscape page on Wikipedia*
boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/11170/heroscape-master-set-rise-of-the-valkyrie - Board Game Geek (BGG) Heroscape jump point*
www.ttoprpg.com/heroscape/heroscape.htm - Craig Yack's GameModel.com
www.mit.edu/~rseater/heroscape/index.html - Robert Seater's Heroscape page
www.mkgray.com:8000 - Matthew K Gray's Heroscape unit creator and combat simulator (does not work in newer browsers or with firewall, as is a less secure site)
*Exceptions to my not having general sites

Software-Related Sites:
See also: Index of Heroscape Software
didier.paradis.free.fr/virtualscape/english/ - VirtualScape
math.lfc.edu/~yuen/heroscape/matchup.pl - David Yuen's (mathguy's) Matchup Calculator
sourceforge.net/projects/hs-card-catalog/ - Heroscape Card Catalog
waronline.net/heroscape/draft/hsdraft.htm - The Surprisingly Tart HeroScape Draft Wizard
joshuagraffman.com/HSTournamentDirector.aspx - Joshua Graffman's Tournament Director
logrey.home.mchsi.com - LandScape
parduzrpg.altervista.org/HeroScape/solidscape/solidscape.html - SolidScape

Websites that sell Scape
  • Links are to Herocape listings or searches on the site where possible:
  • Sites in Bold are or were site supporters (Heroscapers gets refer credit whether you click on link here or on main page)
  • * = Sells individual figures or terrain outside of sets
  • + = Sells out of print/out of warehouse items (usually for a premium)
  • All other sites will only have currently warehoused sets (and even some of them are going fast), which are: Wave 1, Wave 5 Uniques, Wave 8, Marvel, Fortress, and Orm's Return.
C3V & SoV Heroscape Spreadsheet - All Valhalla Custom figures with links of where to buy.
*+abgames.com - compares prices from hundreds of stores and auctions.
*+BoardgGameGeek Marketplace
*+craiglook.com[/URL] claz.org - previously craigslist search now other classified site search in all locations. There are alternatives to search all craigslist locations, but try searchtempest.com
Defunct Sites or no longer in stock:

See Also:
Wizards of the Coast Store Locator - Find brick-and-mortar retailers for WotC
Auggie's Buy Site - Only store that buys/trades scape - also can be used for estimate of prices to buy/sell/trade at.
@Lamaclown 's Shopping for SoV/C3V minis
Hextreme Heroscape Spreadsheet With Collection Calculator! - Spreadsheet which list all products details with MSRP, eBay, and Auggie's prices and can be used to keep track of your collection and its value.
AliasQTip's Heroscape Collection Calculator With MSRP and Estimated Resale Value
Collection Guide 2.0 - Gives recommended quantities to buy of each set
FLAGS - Friendly Local Area Game Stores, Out of Date but still a decent resource
Favorite online Store Poll - Self-promotion of poll I made
International Shipping CHEAP--Two Methods - Help for non US/Canadian 'Scapers.
Sales and Trades forum - Best place to buy/sell/trade with fans

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