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Old May 1st, 2018, 08:55 PM
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Re: The Book of Shaolin Monks

Originally Posted by King_Buyer View Post
Originally Posted by ChaosChild View Post
Originally Posted by manger
In an intense game last night a very interesting question came up that is not yet addressed concerning the monks: perhaps the answer is so obvious that nobody thought to ask it before... On the card it states you may move "all or any monks"... does this imply that if I had drafted 33 monks that I could stealth leap with all 33 of them?!?!

Final monk question: SUppose the answer to question above is no (i wouldnt be upset if this were the case) can I stealth leap with one monk (move of 3) and move a second monk with a regular move of 6 as long as I follow normal moving rules?

Thanks for your help your help scrapers! peace
First question is no. The key phrase is "instead of thier normal move". Only 3 monks get a normal move per turn so, any or all of the 3 can leap.

Second question is yes, you may stealth leap with one and nomal move another.
This response is wrong on both points! Clearly the game designers screwed up. "Instead of their normal move" which is three figs walking, "any or all may stealth leap" so you as player choose NORMAL MOVE or INSTEAD stealth leap - not some stealth leap and some normal move (yes, that part sucks) but the "any or all" applies to ALL common figs... when you take a turn with a squad of Zombies, do you not use multiple squads of common figs? YES! In a 500pt game, all 6 squads of Monks may leap (yes, that's 18 figs) or NORMAL MOVE (3 figs 6 spaces each).

The Dzu-Teh Glacier Traverse works the same way as the Monks' Stealth Leap... "instead of moving normally" and "any or all" are my closing arguments your honor. That said, anyone can make up their own house rules to fix any design flaws such as these... do whatever makes you a happyscaper!
With one order marker on a card of Monks you only move one card worth of monks, meaning 3. When using their ability you may stealth leap or normal move your 3, not 18. One card worth moves.

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