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Tig #2: The March Of Conquest



(4/18/14 Draft)

A Single Scenario by Chas

The evil Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, a hi tech/magical glove that has absorbed the six powerful, mystic Infinity Gems. Each gem gives its holder great ability. Together, they could be invincible. Thanos has now embarked on his march of conquest. He will occupy key planets and create his own galactic empire! Can you prevent this before its too late?


This is a Semi Cooperative Scenario. Each player is out for himself, but all others need to stop Thanos from winning to score. If Thanos wins by landing on and "conquering" all three marked target spaces, all other players lose. Thanos himself must be on the Conquest Space at the end of a round to score the target space. Once the space is conquered, remove its marker; it cannot be conquered more than once.

After 12 turns, if Thanos has conquered all three Conquest Spaces; he wins and all other players lose! If he has not, the player with the most points of defeated Army Cards of any other players wins. Whoever puts the final wound on the single or last army card figure gets the points for the whole card. Players are ranked in the order of how may they score on enemy casualties. You can score points on Thanos himself both after his first defeat and after his resurrection.


The Game Master will play Thanos (C3G) and his army (only Evil characters). He begins with the Glyph of Infinity Gauntlet. Should he lose the Gauntlet by wounding or defeat, other Unique or Common Heroes may equip and use it. The Gantlet with the six Infinity Gems now count as a single Glyph of Infinity Gauntlet.

No card on Team Thanos except Thanos himself may equip The Infinity Gauntlet. Others on the team may carry it.

Info File 1: Thanos C3G

*Eternal*Unique Hero*Conqueror*Nihilist*Medium5*

*7 Life*Move 5*Range 1*Attack 7*Defense 6* 500 Points*

Permanent Death Special Attack: Range 4 Attack 5 Choose a figure to attack. You may also choose up to two other figures adjacent to the chosen figure to be attacked by by this special attack. Roll attack dice once for all affected figures. Each figure rolls defense dice separately. Anytime a figure that is not an Event Hero or destructible object is destroyed by this special attack, remove it from the game. It cannot return to the game by any special powers or glyphs.

Spurned By Death: At the start of any round after Thanos is destroyed, if you place all Order Markers on this Army Card, you may place Thanos on any empty space within 3 clear sight spaces of any figure you control and remove all Wound Markers from this card. Spurned By Death can only be used once per game.

Super Strength

Info File 2: Glyph Of Infinity Gauntlet

This glyph cannot be chosen for any special power on any Army Card and cannot be removed from the card of the possessing figure by any special power on any Army Card or glyph, unless it would be lost by this figure receiving wounds or being destroyed. If this figure would lose this glyph by receiving wounds, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll 7 or higher, this figure does not lose a glyph this turn.

Info File 3: Glyphs of Infinity: The Six Infinity Gems

1. Mind Gem: Mental Shield/Order Marker Reveal
2. Space Gem: Teleportation
3. Reality Gem: Order Marker Rearrange
4. Time Gem: Additional Turn
5. Power Gem: +2 Attack, Super Strength
6. Soul Gem: Unnatural Resurrection


Each army/team totals 1,500 points in 24 spaces. The Thanos player may only use Evil figures. “Evil” is defined as Supervillains or Classic/VC army cards working for Utgar or Valkrill. (There are a few cards that I allow either side to use, such as Civilians, Bad Cops, or J. Jonah Jameson.

All other players may use both Good and Evil figures. Each army may be composed of up to one A Character (351-500 points), one B Character (221-350 points) three C Characters (201-240 points) and the rest D Characters (Up to 200 points). “Characters’ wile usually Unique Heroes, may also be any tyhpe of army cards such as Uncommon or Common Heroes or Unique or Common Squads, as usual. Note that these are maximum level strengths; you can take more characters/cards of lesser point values if you like. Supers can come from the DC, Marvel or other “Universes.”

Supers: Superheroes, supervillains and their related support figures may be drawn from three sources:

1. C3G Customs
2. Sherman Davies Customs
3. The Chas Quickscan Master Lists (two lists; Heroes and Villains). These lists include all Chas customs, and also duplicate many C3G and Sherman Dvies customs, as well as those from many independent designers; all have been approved as reasonably play balanced and costed (by Chas).
4. Other sources as approved by the GM.

Classic Heroscape: All Classic and VC custom characters are eligible.

Proxies may be used for any figures as necessary.

A particular Unique Hero may only appear once in the scenario. For example, no other player besides the Game Master may take Thanos. In addition, no characters used in Scenario #1: The Infinity Gauintlet may be rechosen, except for Thanos himself. All other players may coordinate their team lists as desired, but must submit them to the GM before the game begins. In the case where any other player duplicates choices by the GM, they will have to replace those figures. If notified of the need to replace duplicate figures not taken by the GM (but taken by more than one player) they may decide among themselves who will replace them on his team. In general as GM, a “first come first served” practice will apply if more than one player wishes to use the same character. Different designs for the same character may not be used together in the same game.


Glyphs used will only include the Infinity Gauntlet possessed by Thanos at game start, which includes all the powers of the six Infinity Gems.

Unique and Uncommon Heroes may equip and use the Gauntlet. Common Heroes and all squad figures (Unique and Common) may carry, but not use it.

No figure may pick up/carry more than one glyph at a time (should other glyphs be introduced by special character cards chosen by players), except for the wearer of the Infinity Gauntlet. No glyphs may be destroyed. Glyphs may be transferred between adjacent figures at the end of either adjacent figure’s movement during their use of an Order Marker.

Because this scenario may be used by players not familiar with basic C3G glyph rules (or just to save you looking it up), here is the one you need to know about the most: "Losing Equipment Glyphs: If a figure you control that is carrying and Equipment Glyph is destroyed or wounded, choose one opposing player to immediately place the Glyph power side up on an empty space within 5 spaces of the space your figure last occupied." (Heroscape World's Finest Rules: Darkseid Has Arrived! page 5, 2010 C3G).

Otherwise, normal Heroscape Glyph Rules are in effect.

5. MAP


Working on a scale of 1 space equals a solar system, the map reflects both
Thanos and the players traveling along the space lanes (roads) from the outer rim of known space to the center, where the three main Marvel space empires—the Shi’ar, Kree, and Skrull, are waging a defensive war against the newly formed “Thanosians,” which rages across whole galaxies. But the war will be decided by the Supers teams of the players.

Just as the map of the first scenario was meant to display very varying terrain of quite different areas across outer space, this second 32 x 23 space map, is meant to portray the march from the rim of known space to the more crowded center. The map is built on a base of custom sand and snow 24 hexers. A road travels in from each corner start zone (9 raised hexes of normal movement swamp terrain) and any further sand/snow spaces as needed) adjacent to that raised area and then surrounds the two level raised central platform area which is made up of eight snow 24 hexers.

This central area contains or is adjacent to the three main empires that must be conquered. These are represented by hex plateaus and contain one of the three marked conquest spaces each, which lie on the centers of a raised central seven hexer. Each is comprised of ten hexes which are raised six levels above the base. The Shi’ar Empire is in the very center, and the others adjacent to it just north and south of the central area. There are small oasis areas in the four corners of this central area, flanking the roads coming in from the corner start zones, comprised of two water and two bush hexes on either side of each road. Four huge Ice Mountains, representing the vastness and coldness of outer space, rise majestically on the edges atop the central area (the Shi’ar like their privacy). Lava field surrounds most of the two outer empires. Aeriel skyways are roads leading along the southern and northern map edges directly from the start zones to one side of an outer empire. Two one space molten lava pools surrounded by lava field, lie on the center of the eastern and western edges of the central platform, just out from its perimeter road.. Beyond these on the eastern and western board edges are the two seven hexer black holes.

Special Terrain Rules--all normal terrain rules are in effect as well as the following:

1. Reflective Sand and Snow Spaces:

A. Movement: The Icarus Effect: All regular movement rates are doubled, where not negated by road. Flying is –1 space per turn . Figures with powers negating “Thick Snow” will cancel this effect, but not the effect on Teleportation.

B. Teleportation Disorientation:

Figures starting a turn on a sand or snow hex and using any Teleportation power must first designate their Intended Destination space, and then roll one Battle Die, performing the following actions depending on the results:

Skull: teleportation is performed normally as noted on the figure’s army card.

Shield: the teleporter must place himself one space adjacent to his Intended Destination. This Secondary Destination space must now be designated, so that any “passengers,” placed in the order specified on the teleporter’s army card--usually before or after him, are placed with this new actual destination in mind.

Blank: A different player, randomly selected, chooses a Secondary Destination space for the original teleporter to which he will arrive within three spaces of the original Intended Destination. The teleporter himself will place any “passengers” with this new space in mind.

2. The Black Holes:

If a figure moves or is placed on a space on either of the two black seven hexers (on opposite sides of the map), he cannot leave this terrain feature, but may remain as long as is desired. Using another order marker, he can teleport to any empty space on the other Black Hole, and may continue normal movement from there, exiting the destination Black Hole as desired. If the figure does not exit the feature on this teleporting turn, the original procedure must be followed once more. That is, he cannot leave and must teleport back to the first Black Hole, whereupon he can then exit it on the turn of teleportation arrival, etc.

3. The New Molten Lava Damage Rule: Skulls and Shields

When any figure not immune to lava damage enters a Molten Lava hes, roll one combat die, performing the following action depending on the result:

Blank: Figure takes no damage; bu remove any Order Markers on that cad; the Oms removed are not revealed to other players.

Skull: Roll three combat dice, taking one unblockable wound for each skull rolled. This may result in no damage.

Shield: Roll three combat dice, taking all wounds possible except (down to) the number of shields rolled. If no shields are rolled, the figure is defated.


“Some of my former subordinates seem to have met with unfortunate accidents. The rest are now luxuriating in the fruits of my successful campaign to gather the Infinity Gems into my Gauntlet as powerful Planetary Governors, whose word is law to the billions of beings now serving under them. As for those working against me that were defeated, they dare no longer show their faces again! Therefore, you new individuals have been recruited to serve me in this next glorious campaign to vanquish the rest of the galaxy. Go forth, and conquer in my name.”
--Gauntleted Thanos

--Empires of the Shi’ar, Skrull, Kree, all Planetary Federations, and the United Nations of Earth (Sol System)


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Re: Tig #2: The March Of Conquest

Since my interest has carried over from the last game (The Infinity Gauntlet), I've created my team early. Kolakoski is working on his as well. The good thing about my doing mine first is that players know I'm not counter drafting. The bad thing (for them) is that I have dibs on all characters I pick, due to the non-duplication rule.

Unlike the first game, someone has already tried to select a character I already chose (K). For this and other reasons due to various GM rulings, he has to redraft. But then, he usually does anyway. Its months before this game will be played, if we adhere to our usual GM rotation schedule.
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Re: Tig #2: The March Of Conquest

"Now, what was that scenario again?"
--NYC Gang of Four member

Its now 3 1/2 months later, and after being away from this thread that long, I see that like its predecessor, The Infinity Gauntlet-- on a separate thread here onsite--this scenario, the second part of a two part campaign, has generated hundreds of hits since then, if no comments. With some delay due to changes on our group GM rotation, TIG 2 is now scheduled for Wednesday, August 27, 2014. The above comment came during yesterday's July NYCG4 game, when I started to remind everyone about it.

Luckily, its was all written down here when I was hot to design it after Game One. I also found both my own team army for it, and a second draft of K.'s. in my notes here at home--he likes to draft early. So while we're all happily busy now in the summer, including vacation trips, its time for us to start reading over and thinking about army builds. So we're off and running once more...as Thanos plots his final victory, and brand new heroes assemble to stop him.

Most of us are planning to see Marvel's film Guardians of the Galaxy when it comes out in a few days now, and since they will be gunning for Thanos in a later movie, I wonder if anyone will choose the brand new custom card for Rocket Raccoon just posted by our pal Griznakh on his fairly recently started customs Supers thread, or any of the rest of the GGs he will post soon. Just a thought, guys--and I hereby declare his cards included as potential scenario picks, among many others! Have fun building and rebuilding your teams this month, guys...

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Re: Tig #2: The March Of Conquest

Here follows the team rosters for tomorrow's TIG 2. One player got a ten point easement for one Character Level (Taeblewalker). Other than that, they follow the scenario requirements. So it is written; so let it be played:


Thanos 500 A C3G
Fire Demons (4 Figs) 250 B C3G
Lady Deathstrike 240 C C3G
Spiral 190 D Novaraptor
Lady Shiva 175 D C3G
Vanisher 90 D DrewmanChu
Bad Cops (2 Figs) (aka Bad Space Cops) 55 D C3G
TOTAL: 15,00 Points/11 Spaces

SHERMAN DAVIES TEAM (All Supers Sherman Davies cards)

Thor 360 A
Green Lantern 340 B
Quicksilver 235 C
Braxas 210 C Classic Heroscape
Scarlet Witch 195 D
Black Panther 160 D
TOTAL: 1,500 Points/7 Spaces


Graviton 400 A
Martian Manhunter 300 B
Baron Hemut Zemo 200 D
Punisher 180 D
Hawkeye II 160 D
Count Vertigo 160 D
Robin 100 D
TOTAL: 1,500 Points/8 Spaces


Star-Lord 250 B C3G
Gamora 310 B C3G
Groot 275 C C3G
Rocket Racoon 175 D C3G
Drax 350 B C3G
Martinex 130 D DrewmanChu
TOTAL: 1,490 Points/6 Spaces

Comments On Team Thanos II

In the first days of Dungeons and Dragons (you might be able to find an old article I wrote in Campaign Magazine back then called "Introduction To Yourself: Dungeons and Dragons") it became apparent that the main goal of the Dungeon Master should be to make sure the players had fun, rather than beat them (in a so-called Killer Dungeon). In fact, I invented an Assistant Dungeon Master role whose job was to be one of the player party and help newbies figure out how to play by example rather than 'instruction.' ("I'll just try a burning torch on that slavering monster while I'm dying here--it might work!"). When I won a Con prize in those ancient days, it was the Most Helpful To The Dungeon Master award. So the GM has to be separate from the player persona.

Two of my three scenario terrain rules, Teleportation Disorientation and Molten Lava, were actually meant to cut down on the advantages of my team. Hey--I might as well have called it 'Team Teleport.' Hope you players appreciate the thought!

I expect the Fire Demons and Vanisher to be my Big Surprises, as I believe these cards to be unfamiliar to the others. DrewmanChu continues to provide great Silver Age characters from my old comic reading days that I just love like Vanisher. Novaraptor still has the only card I know for Spiral, for who I finally have an unused fairly new figure obtained only with difficulty by the pal who does my online buying.

I love that C3G came out with the Guardians of the Galaxy just days before this game (and a week after the film), which worked out. C3G's Indigo Lantern Indigo-1 (Iroque) is a master teleporter to rival Vanisher, but although I declared all of the new wave permitted, no one chose her, although Kolakoski, who's team was already set after many drafts of it had been approved, did point her out to the others.

Bad (Space) Cops are my comedy relief. But hey, you never know--last game my C3G Rat Swarms kept the mighty Ben Grimm busy for several turns!

Thanos himself will have all the powers of the Infinity Gauntlet and Gems, such as an extra turn, teleportation, and an additional resurrection for a total of three separate incarnations! Only one character was banned for Breaking the Scenario, which was Kolakoski's proposed Angstrom Levy. It was a brilliant choice, and in a mixed game almost anything goes. But I felt that removing Thanos from the board repeatedly when he's got a pretty severe time limit on him would be unfair to the big guy.

(Edit) You can now see the Army Cards for all of these teams on Kolakoski's new Blog, which has the same title as this scenario.


On this particular board, with so many restrictions on moving, the Guardians of The Galaxy had a tough time. So for our second game we switched in two fast movers/teleporters, removing Gamora and Martinex, and adding:

Indigo-1 (Iroque) 340 Points C3G (new Indigo Lantern)
(Proxy: Wonder Woman as Star Sapphire)
Kid Flash 110 C3G

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Re: Tig #2: The March Of Conquest


1. Fire Demons: Their initial Lava Field hexes cannot be placed on Empire Plateau spaces, Start Zones, or Black Holes.

2. Martinex: may ignore movement penalties for both Snow and Sand spaces.
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Re: Tig #2: The March Of Conquest

Well met!

The Gang of Four spent 8/27/14 from Noon to practically Midnight, with breaks for food and conversation, playing through 2 games of chas'
The Infinity Gauntlet #2 - The March of Conquest!

There were many interesting features about this map, but, during both of the games we managed to get in, all of the action was on one or the other of the Snow and Sand plateaus on either edge of the table.

In the first game, it pretty much went as chas [in Red throughout] had predicted going in.

The first game of this two game campaign, "The Infinity Gauntlet," saw Thanos rushing around our large board with the Gauntlet, trying to gather up the six Soul Gems. He was successful after a long game, with major help by Professor Zoom. PZ was so good that in between games in the back story, while other evil characters were rewarded with becoming solar system governors in the new Thanosian Empire, PZ mysteriously disappeared! Thanos didn't like anyone else getting so much glove time; he might get ideas...

I started off TIG2 making myself a player aid (my board game specialty in general) that summarized all the Soul Gem powers by the phase in the round/turn when they were used. This was passed around to others who got the gauntlet in the much longer Game Two. I had printed out the C3G gauntlet and gem glyphs on seperate cards for Game One, but this helped out in organizing all their powers, as adding them to a large Supers team plus a few new scenario rules was a lot to handle for a single player brain. Not to mention trying to psych out the abilities of the other players' teams. In fact, we had to establish an early round sequence of steps for powers that worked before and after the Initiative Roll, just to get things started.

In Game One my Master Plan worked perfectly; and they so rarely do ("Curses, foiled again")! Having built my team around powerful teleporters (a Soul Gem now made Thanos himself into one of them), this is How I Did It in only five rounds:

Round One:

1. Teleport Thanos with two Fire Demons from the star zone to the central Shi'ar Empire Control Space, the only one whose normal terrain would allow me to teleport out again without 'Teleportation Disorientation,' as did initial teleporting from my normal terrain start zone.

2. Teleport Vanisher to the Kree Empire Control Space with the entire rest of the team (except for the Bad Cops, who were mostly along for comedy relief). Teleporting again from the start zone meant no TD.

3 Teleport Vanisher (alone) back to my start zone adjacent to the two cops--again, not invoking any TD.

As the three other players had taken no teleporters and couldn't lay a glove on me yet, I now conquered the Shi'ar Empire at the end of the round.

Round Two

1. Teleport Thanos to the Kree Empire Control Space from which Vanisher had now vanished, leaving it almost completely surrounded/protected by Spiral, Lady Deathstrike, Lady Shiva (who gave the former enhanced powers), and the other two Fire Demons.

Luckily for me, my closest opponent was using the brand new C3G Guardians of the Galaxy as his team (they had come out only days before the game after we'd all gotten to see the film and were charged up about them), and the GGs turned out to be very slow on this large and difficult terrain movement board. Taeblewalker moved his powerful tank Drax the Destroyer up first, but had terrible dice luck and I took him right out of the game unexpectedly after only a couple of melee attacks. As no other enemy was close by, I now conquered the Kree Empire at the end of Round Two.

During the next three rounds, where the action focused around the remaining Skrull Empire, the two players who occupied it had been busy whomping on each other painfully to get body count points in typical Scape fashion. I was able to seize and hold the last control space by teleporting in Spiral to get some of her multiple attacks against two different enemies, and then Thanos arrived to seize and hold the Control Space and win on Round Five. It was a whirlwind conquest, and in the Game One Universe, the entire known galaxtic cluster of space was now under the thrall of my evilness! Mwahaha! As giant space battles raged over the galaxies among billions of beings (as conceived in the back story, anyhow), it was the Supers' actions that decided the fate of the Universe, comic book style.

Sherman and I became embroiled
in conflict on one plateau,

while chas, aided by some unnaturally bad luck
on Taeblewalker's part, was free
to take over 2 plateaus early

and, after Graviton had been Acid Breathed,

the third, winning at the end of Round 5.

And for a second time in the campaign, It was Thanos for the win, and all the marbles!

In the second game, Taeblewalker, whose lack of mobility had handicapped him badly in the first game,

swapped out two of the Guardians of the Galaxy team members for two faster moving characters, the also brand new C3G card Indigo-1 (Iroque), a master teleporter like Vanisher who could also carry passengers, and Kid Flash.

We rerolled for position, and this time chas and Sherman were opposite each other on one edge, while Taeblewalker and I shared the other.

This time, I kept my army together, and let Taeblewalker have our shared plateau. From this bridge, I was able to keep my army intact for most of the game.

This time Thanos once again took out the first two empires quickly.
There were many exciting incidents with all four players getting to and fighting in the last surviving (Skrull) Empire at the northern portion of the battlefield. This time the wise team choices of my opponents got to strut their stuff, and my own team was challenged to the utmost and practically wiped out (but then, so was everybody else).

"I am resurrected!"
--Mara the Demon, Oh My Goddess

This time I wanted them to thin out each others' ranks a bit before I went in a second time for the third and final Conquest Space, as all of them were now a presence there on or near the Skrull Empire plateau.

So after Thanos' first defeat, I left him dallying with Death a while, off the board and therefore supplying no possible further victory points for my enemies, until I had defined the key moment to strike once more. [In spite of his even declaring that this was what he was doing, Sherman, Taeblewalker, and I decided to eschew a stall, as we were convinced that Thanos' scheme was doomed to failure by that time in any event.]

So it was pretty dramatic when, around Round Seven, I returned him to the field, adjacent to a Fire Demon who had spawned close the the titanic melee taking place on and near the Skrull Empire for exactly that purpose! He's ba-ack!

But eventually he was killed twice and lost the game.

A few exciting moments I can recall include:

* "The Goddess of Death arrives!" Spiral getting four of her six possible multiple attacks on two different targets after teleporting herself in to the Skrull Empire. (Hey Novaraptor, that power should read "Sextuple Attack," rather than "Septupile Attack," but thanks for being the only one so far to make a card for her).

*Lady Deathstrike, without a single order marker ever placed on her, holding out as a blocker, adjacent to Thanos--himself on the final Control Space for a while, threatening my three opponents with a possible second victory for me. I always say, if you can't win, make sure you give your enemy a few hair raising moments! [I had moved Robin into contact with them all, but the Lady's peculiar talents negated Robin's and led to his demise.]

*Two of my C3G Fire Demons pinning and seriously wounding Braxas from height, and holding her there most of the game. [As Braxas was my bane in game one, I welcomed this turn of events.] Eventually at the end I even brought Vanisher in a final time with the Bad (Space) Cops, who then stalked the dragon queen, although they were unable to finish her off. I'd been holding this card in reserve for a while to spring on my opponents, who I figures would not be familiar with it.

My initial game start placement of the four Fire Demon's four Lava Field hexes were identical in both games; between the ladders leading to the empires' plateaus and at diagonal corners (farthest away from me). Although they were all evetually killed, I did get a couple of resurrections for them, and some were in the final melees at the end, where one pinned down Kid Flash who had the Gauntlet on other Lava Field hexes just below the Skrull plateau.

*Lady Shiva in a great martial arts duel with Robin, while he occupied the final Control Space himself for quite a while. Hiii-yaaa!

*Thanos fully using the powers of the Soul Gems while he had the Gauntlet, which he was unable to do in TIG1.

A few pre- and post-game comments:

Chas Pregame Comment On Other Teams

"Whoo, kids--this is scary!"
--Count Floyd, SCTV

This is what I like to see in a "Mixed Supers" Game alright; a wacky mix of Army Cards. We've got Marvel, DC, heroes, villains, a Classic figure and a squad! There are the work of independent designers and C3G designs that just came out a few days ago!

Okay fellas; lets MIX IT UP!

Tornado's prediction:

kolakoski's pod is evil. I have no love for Graviton and Punisher is arguably the best value in all of C3G, considering points vs. firepower. However I am going with Sherman and Braxas. All Hail the Queen.

Sherman's comment:

Thanks for the vote of confidence Tornado, but we played the scenario twice and chas won the first time and kolakoski the second. Braxas managed to destroy Graviton in the first game, but was not much of a factor in the second.

You're right about that Graviton/Count Vertigo pod though - it was pretty nasty once I realized what it did. I worked hard to get around it, but I made a key error in the second game (missing an opportunity for Green Lantern to destroy Count Vertigo) that I think ended up costing me the win.

And mine:

It took me a moment to realize I ought to place opponents' units exactly 4 spaces from Graviton, not more. Sherman played against Graviton/Count Vertigo pretty well. Count Vertigo wasn't as all that as I thought, as he did not reduce the range of Special Attacks, and could not handle Braxas at all. Graviton is, as aforesaid, sick.

I am not sure about the "key error," but Sherman might be referring to my surprise launching of Baron Zemo off the bridge into deep snow and slashing Green Lantern to death with his Master Swordplay.

But Sherman said:

Actually, I was referring to the fact that I moved Green Lantern down there at all when he had a better position in which he could shoot at Count Vertigo without Graviton preventing it.

My experience with Supers is limited. But chas' TIG scenarios has given me a feel for playing Supers, and building armies with them, such that I'm eager to play them again.

In regular 'Scape, squads dominate, and relatively homogeneous armies rule. I find such armies (4th Mass. x whatever) boring to play. In Supers 'Scape, squads are far less important, and involving multiple units in a single hero's turn is also less important.

Army building is mostly about finding or creating synergies among a team of heroes, with a squad or two thrown in - Hired Guns = 8 attacks/turn! The only drawback is the necessity of screening armies ahead of time for broken combos. In a typical four player game, this is mitigated by the possibility of 3 against 1 - see what happened in TIG #1.

Toward the end of the game, the evil er, I mean good Kolokoski, had pulled ahead of his other two opponents, and I was out of the win. We finally counted up the points, to confirm out estimate of who was ahead by how much. Not wanting to be king maker, but having mostly Fire Demons left, I made one attack against Taeblewalker and one against Sherman Davies, because I was more or less role playing the Fire Demons, who I figured would continue to try and accomplish their former Master's goal by fighting for the final Control Space, until his control spell dissipated and they returned to the nether regions. As they were already locked in melee, I said "Let the dice decide!" All players had taken part in bloody fighting and by now, Turn Ten of Twelve, the casualties had been high. But my attacks only had the effect of confirming Kolakoski's win, and we called the game at that point.

Final Approximate Score TIG2 Game 2:

Kolakoski: 1900
Sherman Davies: 1300
Taeblewalker: 1200
Chas: Thanos out of the game; dallying with Death once again. Deprived of their leader, the last remaining forces of his once proud army now disperse to various lairs and taverns to lay low---except for the Bad Space Cops, who just go back on their government jobs, their pensions secure, since Sherman Davies says "My Braxas can't talk."

Thanks to my regular playing buddies of The New York City Gang of Four for doing this two game comic book campaign with me. Special thanks to DrewmanChu for continuing to make my favorite Silver Age characters like nobody else does, with old comic drawing but ingenious new powers. Vanisher was my other big DMC surprise for my opponents this time around, as his Space Phantom had been in TIG 1. DMC is fine tuning these cards as I advance their play testing.

Thanks to C3G for many of the cards used, and especially the Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet and Soul Gem glyphs which inspired this campaign after they came out last Christmas, and for the new Guardians of the Galaxy, whose figures I'm trying now to find. DMC has just issued cards for all of the old Guardians of the Galaxy too, so together they may become a big faction in my Supers games eventually, along with the Star Jammers and other Outer Space types. Martinex was in Game TIG2 Game 1 and my figure for Charlie-27 proxied The Punisher in both games. And again thanks to Novaraptor for Spiral.

And finally... I furnished three of the game teams with their figures and cards, and finding proxies as needed was lots of fun--see my comments on team building including the list of proxies used in the TIG2: The March of Conquest thread (Marvel Maps and Scenarios section). For the board, I got to use my custom sand and snow 24 hexers for the first time. New toys are often the inspiration for fun new games! Players wanting to check out new supers possibilities might want to look at my newly updated Chas Quickscan Master Lists containing over 700 Supers from many different design sources, dozens of which are listed on various Supers Team Rosters there also for your viewing pleasure and consideration in your own games. Keep on Super Scaping!

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Re: Tig #2: The March Of Conquest

"Greetings From New York City!"
John Belushi, The Blues Brothers album


Head of Battle Report: Taeblewalker (L) and Kolakoski (R)

Foot of Battle Report: Chas (L) and Sherman Davies (R)


Left Plateau: Map North; The Skrull Empire

Center Plateau: The Shi'ar Empire

Right Plateau: Map South; The Kree Empire

Note: For all team Army Cards see Kolakoski's Blog TIG2

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