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Old October 18th, 2009, 02:26 PM
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Florida Frenzy 3.0 - Results Are In!

The winner of the Florida Frenzy 3.0 annual NHSD Tournament:


Final Standings: (Rank, Name, Wins, Losses, Ties, Adj. SOS)
  1. Boondocksaint, 5, 1, 18
  2. rudyvalentine, 4, 2, 14
  3. Zealot, 3, 2, 19
  4. SKT, 4, 1, 17
  5. Rebecca, 3, 2, 15
  6. randomskyfears, 3, 2, 13
  7. Torog, 3, 2, 12
  8. BurnyFlame, 3, 2, 11
  9. Miss Behave, 2, 3, 19
  10. Dustin, 2, 3, 16
  11. Ellak96, 2, 3, 14
  12. Sara Failor, 2, 3, 14
  13. Rennix, 2, 3, 12
  14. Karl with a k, 1, 3, 14
  15. Cyrus, 1, 4, 15
  16. Sup3rs0n1c, 1, 4, 14
Voting Winners:
Best Theme: Rennix the theif for his zombie horror army
Best Combo: Dustin for his unrivaled use of Theracus
Sportsman: Cyrus (especially after getting trounced by a lucky Airborne Elite drop in right at the first initiative of the first match)

Event used 50 minute rounds with 5-minute final turn warnings and Whole Card Losing Points Scoring. All players enter the tournament with a preset SOS of 1 and then received +1 SOS if they had no A+ units and +1 SOS if they did not have more than 3 of any specific common squad. Armies were maximum 500 points and during the 5th round (the top 4 played semi-final while remaining players played for remaining rankings for prize choices) pre-selected reinforcements were added to the armies to bring the total to 575 points.

The first set of matches went by quickly, but as people began to understand the benefits of removing entire squads from the board for potential losing score, it led most of the subsequent matches to run for the entire 50 minutes as many players began adopting slightly different strategies. A number of normally risky moves that would usually be made with little regard to their consequences were rethought. We also saw a lot more closer cooperation among units as heroes would become wounded and other units would be moved in to assist rather than let the hero die on a following turn.

One of the most notable battles occured in the very first round as Cyrus was placed up against SKT. In the very first round as he won Initiative, SKT was not only able to drop his Airborne Elite into the middle of Cyrus's starting zone, he was able to use their grenade attack to destroy over half of the army. But Cyrus fought back and in the end his last remaining unit (Syvarris) was finally felled by SKT's Maarden Hounds, but not after taking out a significant portion of SKT's army.

Heading into the semi-final we had SKT and Zealot in the lead, both losing in stunning upsets as rudyvalentine and Boondocksaint each defeated them to secure a seat against one another in the final. Rudyvalentine's win came quickly by SKT's loss of Charos, while boondocksaint and Zealot battled down to the last one or two figures in a war of attrition.

In what came down to a battle of Braxas vs. Nilheim, rudyvalentine's mighty white dragon fell to boondocksaint's black beast. It was short work for the big black behemoth to clean up the remaining Knights of Weston while the rest of Braxas's forces looked on across the map, leaving boondocksaint the clear winner.

For a list of armies, including reinforcements used, see below...

We had great prizes including 3 master sets, 1 FotA, 1 RttFF, over 2 full cases of Wave 9 boosters and several other popular boosters from prior waves. Over $100 in gift certificates from some of our online retailer friends and a number of individual figures, customs and Heroscape accessories.

Picture of the Event can be found here

The armies of the tournament:

3x 10th Reg
1x Marro Warriors
1x Isamu
1x Braxas
Reinforcement: 1x Raelin RotV

rudyvalentine: (Knights of the White Wing)
3x Knights of Weston
1x Sir Gilbert
1x Nilfheim
Reinforcement: 1xKnights of Weston

1x Migol Ironwill
3x Axegrinders
1x Marcu Esenwein
1x Isamu
1x Krav Maga Agents
1x Marro Warriors
Reinforcement: 1x James Murphy

1x Airborne Elite
2x Marrden Hounds
1x Charos
Reinforcement: 1x Zettian Guards

3x Heavy Orcs
1x Grimnak
1x Airborne Elite
1x Nerak
Reinforcement: 1x Heavy Orc

1x Major Q9
1x Nilfheim
1x Realin RotV
1x Marrow Warriors
Reinforcement: 1x 10th Reg

3x Minions of Utgar
1x Atlaga
2x Death Reavers
Reinforcement: 1x Shotgun Sullivan and 1x Isamu

2x Tagawa Samurai Archers
1x Sujoah
1x Fyorlag Spiders
1x Raelin SotM
1x Marcu Esenwein
Reinforcement: 2x Fyorlag Spiders

Miss Behave: (Feed me Seymour)
1x Tor Kul Na
1x Microcorp Agents
1x Isamu
1x Marro Warriors
4x Marrden Nagrubs
Reinforcement: 1x Anubian Wolves

2x Aubrien Archers
2x Mohican Rivertribe
1x Brave Arrow
1x Theracus
1x Venoc Warlord
1x Isamu
Reinforcement: 1x Mohican Rivertribe

Ellak96: (The A+ Squad)
1x Krav Maga Agents
1x Raelin (RotV)
1x Syvarris
1x Deathreavers
1x Major Q9
Reinforcement: 1x Zettian Guard

3x Protectors of Ullar
1x Atlaga
1x Saylind
Reinforcement: 1x Zettian Guard

Rennixthethief: (Halloween Horror Nights)
4x Zombies of Morindan
1x Nilfeheim
1x Isamu
Reinforcement: 1x Zombies and 1x Marcu Esenwein

Karl with a K: (Cyberdyne and the Time Traveler)
1x Agent Skahen
1x Nakita Agents
1x Otonashi
1x Krav Maga Agents
1x Major Q10
Reinforcement: 1x James Murphy

1x Syvarris
1x Venoc Warlord
1x Armoc Vipers
3x Aubrien Archers
Reinforcement: 1x Emirroon

Sup3rs0n1c: (Native Assault)
4x Venoc Vipers
3x Mohican Rivertribe
1x Isamu
Reinforcement: 1x Brave Arrow

Nilfheim after FF3.0 goes Broadway and takes on the role of originallly portrayed by Danny Kate....


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Old October 18th, 2009, 03:33 PM
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Re: Florida Frenzy 3.0 - Results Are In!

Lol at the picture.

14th :O
lol, that was pretty bad >_>

Great pictures btw!

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Old October 19th, 2009, 06:19 PM
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Re: Florida Frenzy 3.0 - Results Are In!

Yes, great report and pictures! That Nilfhiem pic is an instant classic.

Arena of the Valkyire - Help create Heroscape's next Master Set!
Trade List
C3V Brainstorm
never not funny
Pepperony - 14/09/13
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Old October 19th, 2009, 06:37 PM
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Re: Florida Frenzy 3.0 - Results Are In!

Great report, himsati, and thanks for posting the pictures. I noticed that I was listed as 2-2, when actually I was 3-2, beating Rennix (barely), karl, and Cyrus. My losses were to the girls, Sara and Miss Behave.

Rennix: Sorry time was called when it was. You probably would have crushed me in another round or two.
Sara: Worst. Loss for me. Ever. Your flying Ullar team had a great theme and was awesomely effective.
Miss Behave: Tough battle, and now we're 1-1. I expect a great game next time we face.
karl: Glad you could make it to the tournament; sorry I had to crush your agent army.
Cyrus: Great sportsman, tough luck with Syvarris. Looking foward to MegaCon next year.
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Old October 23rd, 2009, 02:03 AM
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Re: Florida Frenzy 3.0 - Results Are In!

Have been working on a contract the last 2 days so I just had time to sit down and write this battle report.

I want to once again thank everyone for the set up and organization, I know it was a lot of work!

So to begin, I would first like to say that I thought I was going to face entirely different armies. I thought I would face at least one a glad./blast combo, a few Q 9's and if I was unlucky, Zelrig. I ended up facing none of these.
Because of the restrictions I know that the 10th's natural weakness, 4th mass and stingers, (other ranged commons with better defense) would not be as sever in this tournament. However, I still was worried about units such as the Krav/Raelin combo whom I had a losing streak to whenever I used the 10th. The solution was simple, Braxas. I also had been waiting for awhile to give Braxas a shot and she fit in well to this point total.

Finally I had hoped that I would not face a Zelrig army and used the Marro warriors and Isamu as filler units, leaving me 5 points and enough to bring Raelin, (as was suggested by most of the people on the forums, also a SOS hit at this time would not matter.) should I make it to the finals.
So the army was:
10th x3
Marro Warriors
Raelin for reinforcement

After play testing against several armies, I found that on all but common ground a 1,2-3 order marker split between the 10th and Braxas was usually very effective.

My first match was on common ground against Torog and 3 squads of minions, Altaga, and 2 squads of rats. He opened with the Minions and I did my best to take the high ground early. A couple of lucky shots got through the minions but my 10th solider on the face off ground died on the second turn leaving the wound glyph up for grabs.

I placed my third marker on Braxas and tried to draw the battle towards that glyph, (with the exception of 1 10th solider heading toward the other glyph) so that I could use acid breath on more than one minion. I was able to knock out 2 minions with Braxas, allowing me some breathing room. I did my best to lock down Altaga, but forgot to move a 10th into melee range allowing him to try and wither wood, luckily failing on Braxas. My 10th were able to take down Altaga, and Braxas was on a streak, I think only missing 2 acid breaths out of a total of 9.


My next matchup was against my Fiancée on Derelict. She had the 3 heavy orcs, Chomp, Nerak, (yes it was a repaint) and the airborne. I greatly feared the airborne knowing that if I lost the initiative and they dropped, the game would be over before it even started! I had play tested against her enough to know exactly where to place each figure should they drop, but luckily they did not come on the first turn. I was able to get my 10th to height early and pick off a few of the orcs. However I preferred to err on the side of caution, and instead of using my WTF I began to spread out my 10th pending an airborne drop. She saw this coming and rushed Chomp to my starting zone and began to eat my 10th.

The airborne did in fact drop so my priorities shifted from taking out Chomp to killing off at least 2 of the airborne. I did a 1,2-3 order marker split on Braxes and the 10th , figuring that killing the airborne was more important than scattering the last few of my 10th.

Unfortunately I lost initiative and still had one clump of 10th and Marro warriors in my starting zone. I remember thinking that this was going to be the match. Luckily for me she whiffed on all the grenade attacks except for one, which only killed off 2 Marro warriors. I flew Braxas from the starting zone and was able to kill 2 of the airborne. However her next order marker was on the orcs and Braxas had to eat a few wounds. However, by the time I used my third order marker I had 2 10th on height against Chomp and 2 on even ground. One WTF later Chomp and 2 orcs were dead, turning the game greatly in my favor. Braxas was able to kill off most of the remaining orcs but fell to an engaged Nerak. I was able to finish the rest of her army off with my 10th.

I think that if just one of those airborne had landed his grenade the game would have been much closer if not a loss for me.


My third match was against SKT on highways and dieways. Not only was he one of the nicest guys I’ve ever played with but he had a really cool army, 2 squads of hounds, airborne and Charos.

At the time I did not realize just how weak my army compared to his was. While I could not acid breath anything other than the airborne, I was fairly confident I could win this one as long as I used the WTF and kept my 10th spread out, boy was I wrong, (not having any special attacks other then acid breath counterstrike from Charos would later come back to hit me hard.) 2 rounds later his airborne had yet to drop and we had both killed off several figures, with me winning this war of attrition.

By the time the airborne did drop I think he may have had one or 2 hounds left. Braxas did her fair share on the airborne and I think by the 4th round he only had Charos left with me having a squad+1 of 10th left, a full life Braxas, a full squad of Morro Warriors and Isamu. What could go wrong? The answer, everything. Before Charos even moved into range I was able to inflict a few wounds but after that he went on a rampage. Not a single 10th survived any of his attacks. Even 2 with height plus bayonet bonus died to counter strike. Soon he was in my starting zone killing off my Warriors, I used Braxas hoping to inflict some wounds, (I think he had 4 or 5 on him) but to no avail. A full life Braxas died after an attack and a really powerful counterstrike. In hindsight, I probably should have tried to win on points after Charos killed all my 10th but whatever, it was a good game that I will not forget!


My confidence was a bit shaken after that last match. My next match was against Miss Behave, who had Tor Kul Na, Microcorp Agents, Isamu, Marro Warriors, and 4 squads of Marrden Nagrubs.

Fortunately, just like with the glad’s/blasts, I had practiced against a few armies that had Tor Kul Na, and knew the key was to slow him down and wipe out his food, the Marrden nagrubs. Unfortunately, we were playing on Sentinel, perhaps the worst map for my army. I began moving my 10th to the hills to avoid being stomped while I moved one down the middle to slow down Tor Kul Na. This strategy I was quite proud of but only sort of worked. While I was able to block his move up the road on one side, (a two sided melee figure could not get up on the road or hit my 10th) I totally forgot that Tor Kul Na could go around with the road bonus she moved him around and killed the 10th on the road.

I had previously moved Braxas on the high ground with the intent to kill off a few nagrubs and then fly to the wound glyph. I was able to acid breath a few nagrubs but was soon engaged with Tor Kul Na, not a good match up for me.

Surprisingly Braxas was able to hang in there and killed a few more nagrubs before being killed. By this time I was able to kill all but 1 nargub and that 10th on height started to pay me back in dividends. Tor Kul Na was already in my starting zone killing off the Marro Warriors and few other 10th, but my 10th from height were starting to inflict wounds on him until I got a lucky 3 skulls and she blanked. The points were still close but I wanted to make sure I would not get hit multiple times so I began targeting both the clones and the agents. There were a few more rounds but my 10th were able to pull off a win.


My semi-final match was against Zealot on highways and dieways. Knowing that he had won the last (two?) tournaments I had to bring my A game here. He had Migol Ironwill 3 squads of Axe grinders, Marcu, Isamu, the Krav, and the Marro Warriors. His reinforcement was James Murphy.

While our match was often said to have come down to a war of attrition I feel that was an inaccurate portray of our match and does not do our,(on both out parts) well played match justice. I began to move out my 10th to the high ground while Zealot began to amass his dwarves on the other side of the map. I was able to get a few lucky kills but soon I was swarmed by the dwarves.

Zealot wisely blocked my 10th on high ground, not allowing me to get my bayonet bonus without disengaging. I had a few 10th on height who were within Raelin’s aura that were able to slowly widdle away some more dwarves, but with the road plus the move glyph they were quickly replaced and it was only a matter of time before Migol was adjacent to Raelin. While she was able to hang in there she was soon dispatched by Migol. At this point I was able to bring Braxas up and got lucky with the d20, dispatching the rest of the nearby dwarves with the exception of Migol.

Zealot had planned for this and began moving up the Krav. I really wanted to begin moving the 10th up as well so I could negate the Krav’s stealth dodge but Migol had 2 of my 10th tied down and was blocking a few others. I had an order marker on Braxas and moved into range hoping to kill off 2 Krav and one of the last dwarves. On one of my most important acid breaths of the tournament Braxas blew it! Only killing 1 Krav! She shortly fell to the Krav’s attacks and I was once again on the defensive (I had got lucky earlier and killed Migol when he whiffed on one of my attacks). Zealot began to move the Krav into range and killed off one Marro Warrior and I believe another 10th.

But the next round was favorable to me and I luckily got the initiative, moving my 10th into melee range. Once more I was on the offensive, but with what I believe was only a squad of 10th. I tried to keep the 10th spread out when Zealot brought out James Murphy who moved into range and whipped one of my 10th. But in a terrible stroke of luck whiffed on the attack! I was able to take out James but was then faced with a wave of Marro warriors. After a few volleys I had just 2 10th left and he had either 1 or 2 Marro left. I was worried that all my 10th could fall so I placed my last order mark on My Marro. Zealot pulled back behind the wall and began to clone, I think bringing back a few more Warriors. After another close dice rolls Isamu managed to take out one more 10th before he fell as well.

At this point time was called, (or was it a 5 minute warning?) and because points only counted when an entire squad or hero was killed I was ahead. But as Zealot pointed out he had never played a timed finals match and I agreed so we played to the end. It came down to his water clone d20 finally letting him down and I was able to land a hit on the last warrior. What a match! And while I can say I enjoyed the win, I also had a great time, really bringing out the best in what I consider to be Heroscape.


And guess who was to be my opponent in the finals but my good friend Mark! I was very happy to know that even if I lost, we would take first and second. I won the coin toss for map selection and picked Common ground giving my 10th some distance from Marks Knights, which he had 4 squads of, Gilbert, and Nilfheim. I began by setting up Raelin near my starting zone but far enough away to start taking shots at his approaching knights.

Unlike my last match, Raelin earned more than her worth giving the 10th some much needed defense against the approaching knights. I was able to get height and inflict a few wounds on Nilfheim but to my surprise he had placed one of his order markers on Nilfheim and quickly dispatched any of my 10th not within range or Raelin. In the mean time the knights and Gilbert had engaged Braxas but luckily was within Raelin’s Aura and did not take heavy damage.

In a stroke of luck I acid breathe 2 knights and a heavily wounded Gilbert. Trying to prevent a massacre of all my unprotected 10th I engaged one 10th to Nilfheim only to have him disengage and kill off a few more 10th and a Marro warrior. I decided to move Braxas out of Raelin’s Aura and take a shot at Nilfheim from height. My 6 dice hit hard and took out Nilfheim, effectively swinging the match heavily in my favor. Braxas cleaned up the last few knights, who were able to inflict a few wounds on Braxas, and end the tournamet.


What a great day, I feel I learned a lot and really enjoyed the Tampa crowed who were really nice. My Fiancée and I look forward to the next time we get to play with everyone, I think I will retire my 10th for now and try to think of some fun airborne armies!

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Old October 24th, 2009, 11:36 AM
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Re: Florida Frenzy 3.0 - Results Are In!

Btw My Army Was Nicknamed "A+ Cheating"
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Re: Florida Frenzy 3.0 - Results Are In!

To all my fellow scapers, i would just like to say i had a blast at this tourney and i am really looking forward to ff 3.5. I would like to just give a few shout outs real quick. First to Himsati for doing an outstanding job setting up and organizing this event, I really cant thank you enough on the job you did. Boondocksaint congrats on winning the title, I was lucky to edge out a victory early on against you but unfortunately couldn't get to play you in the championship, but hopefully we will get a chance to duel it out again at the next tourney. Thanks to Rennix and Zealot for helping set up all the maps, Zealot we need 1 more game between your dwarves and my dogs for bragging rights in the scape realm. Torog, its always a pleasure getting to talk and discuss the battles with you after each round, unfortunately I dont get to see you to often but I look forward to seeing you at ff 3.5. And to all the other scapers, cant wait to battle you all again at the next tourney, I got pretty lucky this time so we shall see if lady luck can "stare" me in the eyes again. And the final shout out goes to my hounds, puppy power.
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Re: Florida Frenzy 3.0 - Results Are In!

Guys, A recommendation
Try to avoid April 24 for florida frenzy 3.5
Bible Drills State tournament is then and I would be out.
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