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Originally Posted by vladislavshukruta
Help, i have the same problem guys,

i know one thing, i went into his site and downloaded the english version,
after a wile, like 30 min, or can we say, after i logged out, it was in french, thats weard, if someone knows why, well you know, please tell me, it would be a pleasure.
Follow the above instructions

and other thingi

If i want to put a picture of my map that i did in virtualscape,
how do i put it?
please help
Assuming you mean to display a picture here:

1) you need a place to host your picture, such as photobucket or imageshack

2) Tools > Save Image

3) Upload your image to your host

4) Use this in your post:

[img]http link to your image[/img]
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