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Re: Leaf_It's custom unit's and abilities

Name: Maltis Tez
General: Aquilla
Species: Hybrid
Uniqueness: Unique Hero
Class: Scout
Personality: Fearless
Size: Medium 5

Life: 3
Move: 7
Range: 1
Attack: 2
Defense: 3
Points: 100? (I'm bad at points)

Instead of his normal move, if the first 3 spaces are in a straight line, and on the same level, Maltis Tez may use running jump. Running Jump has a move of 3. For the next 3 spaces, ignore elevations. Maltis Tez may jump over water without stopping, pass over small or medium figures without becoming engaged, and jump over obstacles such as ruins. Maltis Tez may not jump more than 10 levels up or down. If Maltis Tez is engaged before starting to jump, they will take any leaving engagement attacks.

If Maltis Tez ends their move adjacent to an enemy figure, before or after attacking, you may move Maltis Tez 1 additional space that is not adjacent to that same enemy figure. Maltis Tez Never takes leaving engagement attacks when using Jump Back.

Once per turn, after moving Maltis Tez at least 2 spaces in a straight line, if the move ended adjacent to an enemy figure, roll 1 additional attack die.
Matlis is a very mobile figure but he seems lack the punch of a 100-point hero. I'd put him more at 50-points. If you bump his life up to 5, I'd put him at 90 as is.

Maybe change JUMP BACK to ACROBATICS or TUMBLING so as not to confuse Jump Back and Running Jump.

For Lunge Forward - maybe borrow First Assault from Valguard.

When attacking with Valguard, if the defending figure was not adjacent to Valguard at the start of this turn, Valguard receives 3 additional attack dice.

It would be a big bump from your +1 for Lunge forward but, as proposed, Matlis is a 100-point figure with an attack of 3 (4 with height). I'd rather have another squad of Mohican's for that.

With Life 5 and First Assault 3, I'd think he's be around 100 points. He still doesn't bond but he's highly mobile and a good assassin for a "leaping through the air" with 5 attack.
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