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Originally Posted by manger
In an intense game last night a very interesting question came up that is not yet addressed concerning the monks: perhaps the answer is so obvious that nobody thought to ask it before... On the card it states you may move "all or any monks"... does this imply that if I had drafted 33 monks that I could stealth leap with all 33 of them?!?!

Final monk question: SUppose the answer to question above is no (i wouldnt be upset if this were the case) can I stealth leap with one monk (move of 3) and move a second monk with a regular move of 6 as long as I follow normal moving rules?

Thanks for your help your help scrapers! peace
First question is no. The key phrase is "instead of thier normal move". Only 3 monks get a normal move per turn so, any or all of the 3 can leap.

Second question is yes, you may stealth leap with one and nomal move another.

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