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The Book of Shaolin Monks

The Book of Shaolin Monks
Jandar's Oath - Collection 3 - "Monks and Guards"

If you cannot see the Army Card graphic, check Hasbro's Unit Page for stats and special powers, plus "character biography" and other non-game unit info.

Character Bio: Originally trained to defend their Temples, the Shaolin Monks became one of the most deadly and feared fighting orders. Their legendary skills are based upon the movements of 5 animals (Tiger, Crane, Dragon, Snake and Leopard) and the properties of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Gold, Water and Earth). Centuries of refinement of their fighting art make the Shaolin Monks one of the most dangerous opponents on the battlefield. They can attack all of their enemies who are adjacent to them, delivering lethal strikes simultaneously. Their ability to leap into and out of engagements and over obstacles makes the Monks a necessary choice for almost any battle. (Hasbro)

-Rulings and Clarifications-
  • - STEALTH LEAP : “Single Leap” Clarification
    In Stealth Leap it says "A Monk may not leap more than 12 levels up or down in a single leap." Does a single leap mean one of the 3 moves that Stealth Leap contains or the total of the leap?
    It refers to the total up and down movement of the Stealth Leap move. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - STEALTH LEAP : Leaping Over Lava
    Can the Monks use Stealth Leap to leap over molten lava without taking molten lava damage?
    Yes. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - STEALTH LEAP : Total Up/Down Movement
    If a Shaolin Monk Stealth Leaps over a 6 level high ruin, would it be able to land 2 levels down on the other side of it?
    Yes. The total up or down movement cannot be more than 12 levels above or below the level you started on. You ignore elevations up to 12 levels because the Monk cannot leap higher than that. Wherever you
    land, it cannot be more than 12 levels above or below the level you started on. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - STEALTH LEAP : Leaping Across Obstacles
    Can a Shaolin Monk Stealth Leap over a 30 level deep canyon if it lands on the same level on the other side?
    Yes. The total up or down movement for that leap was 0, so that is fine. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - STEALTH LEAP : Leaping Over Obstacles
    Can a Shaolin Monk Stealth Leap over a 15 level Evergreen tree?
    No, you ignore elevations up to 12 levels because the Monk cannot jump higher than that. The Evergreen tree is more than 12 levels high, so you could not leap over it. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - STEALTH LEAP : Falling Damage
    Do the Shaolin Monks take falling damage when they stealth leap less than 12 levels down?
    No, they do not take falling damage as long as they are Stealth Leaping less than 12 levels down. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - STEALTH LEAP : Enhanced Movement
    Can the Shaolin Monk Stealth Leap be enhanced by roads or other movement bonuses?
    No, Stealth Leap is not enhanced by anything and has a maximum movement of 3 hexes. (dnutt99)

    - STEALTH LEAP : Leaping "Around" or "Through" Figures
    On a flat field, a Monk wants to LEAP Braxas (a height 13 figure). We know a Monk could not, in this situation, LEAP terrain or an obstacle of height 13 or more (such as the height 15 tree, as noted in the Hasbro FAQ) because the LEAP's maximum is height 12. Is a FIGURE such as Braxas treated the same as a static obstacle / terrain?
    A stealth leaping monk may leap over/through a figure that has a height of more than 12. Figures are not walls. They have dead space that a figure would be able to dive through. Yes, you may have to bend reality a bit, but a Monk can leap over/through Braxas. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - STEALTH LEAP : Leaping Over Terrain Occupied By Other Units
    A narrow wall of terrain rises from a flat field, one hex wide, 20 hexes long and 10 hexes tall, barring the Monk's path. The Monk wishes to LEAP over the wall, and could ordinarily do so since his LEAP is able to clear a maximum height of 12. However, 20 Minions of Utgar stand along the 20
    hexes of the wall-top. Minions are height 6 figures. Does this situation represent a "total height" of 16 (terrain 10 + figures 6 = 16) making the LEAP impossible? Or do the Minion figures NOT count toward the total height that the Monk must clear (and thus the Monk is allowed to make this, a height 10 LEAP)?

    A figure's height doesn't add height to the terrain as it is not a wall or a part of the terrain. The monk would be able to leap to the safety of the above height before he started Shaolin Assaulting the Minions. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - STEALTH LEAP : Stealth Leaping "Through" Figures
    Can a Shaolin Monk Stealth Leap through a space that is occupied by another unit if there is not enough room to physically move him through that space? (Like an enemy unit standing in a 'window' of terrain.)
    The monk would be able to stealth leap over/through the figure. Remember, figures are not walls. Also, when it comes to "space" there is a point where you just have to draw a line. Even if the figure was encased in the window, and it seems the leaping figure wouldn't be able to leap through/over it, he can. He's a crazy leaping monk. And he's awesome.
    (Hasbro FAQ)
-Combinations and Synergies-

Synergy Benefits Received
  • - ACOLARH : Ullar's Amulet
    As a unit that follows Ullar, Shaolin Monk's may benefit from Acolarh's ULLAR'S AMULET movement bonus.

    - MASTER WIN CHIU WOO : Master's Influence
    As Monk squad figures, Shaolin Monks may benefit from Master Win Chiu Woo's MASTER'S INFLUENCE 'Stealth-Leap
    movement', attack, and defense bonuses.

Synergy Benefits Offered
  • - SACRED BAND : Disciplined Army Defense Bonus
    Having a Disciplined personality, Shaolin Monks may aid the Sacred Band with their DISCIPLINED ARMY
    *NOTE: See The Book of Sacred Band for proper application.

-Strategy, Tactics and Tips-
  • - TBA

-Heroscapers Community Contributions-

Power Ranking and Master Index
Originally Posted by MKSentinel
Power Ranking
Shaolin Monks- Give the monks one more defense and they could be some of the best units out there.
As it is, Monks fall too easily to just about anything. C+

Shaolin Monks
Stealth Leap Clarified?
Leap how high?
Best Sculpt?
Unit Strategy Review
Note: One of these figures is the sculpt used to produce Master Win Chiu Woo

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