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NC - Triangle Area Mini Tourney - September 29th

Alright everyone, the location is finalized for the tourney and there's less than one week to go!

The tournament will be using Grungebob's Super Simple System for running a tournament - so things should run quite smoothly.

Since there will only be 4 people at the tournament, we might alter the style of the tournament - but everyone will play everyone at least once. Perhaps we can do some casual play after our tournament play.

Main Tournament Details:
- 500 pt armies (bring your own)
- Swiss style 5 rounds, 1 hr each
- Location: All Fun & Games in Cary, NC, detailed directions:
- Entry Fee : $5
- Time: 10:30am -6:00pm
- Full Tournament Rules can be found here:

Minor Tournament Details
- You should bring your own order markers, wound markers, army, army cards, and dice. (if you don't have enough dice to bring than we can probably share some - i'll be bringing a few extra sets)
- Bring something to carry all of the above in throughout the tournament.
- Entry Fee money will go towards gift certificates for All Fun & Games, and hopefully some of us will be providing additional prizes for the prize table (customs, booster packs, certain figures (for example I'm bringing all the heroes from the SOTM as a prize)
- Bring some money for lunch as well - there are plenty of places to eat around the area.
- Bring your Game Face
-Bring an additional army for casual play afterwards if you like!

We've play tested most of these maps at some point, and they are coming from the maps used at GenCon last month - so they are tested good tourney maps. But - I'm going to need your help in building them. I'll go ahead and say that I'll build Ashonquirk Fields, but I'll need you guys to step up and claim maps that you'll build and bring to the tournament.

The glyph pool for each map will be:Astrid (+1 attack), Gerda (+1 defense), Valda (+2 move), Dagmar (+8 initiative), and Lodin (+1 to D20 rolls), and once the glyphs are randomly selected from these 5, those 2 glyphs will be the ones used on the map for the rest of the day.

Here's the Map List:

Highways and Dieways by UranusPChicago:

1 MS
2 glyphs


Ashonqurk Fields by geosmores:

1 MS
Trees and walls from 1 RTTFF
2 glyphs
* Large middle Tree will be removed.
* The glyphs will be moved to the sand hex that jets out into the water on both sides.

- Start zone size on each map will be 24 hexes.

One sidenote.... As of now the tournament will be set up for total card scoring - so that means if there's 1 member of the Krav Maga left on the board, it still counts for 100 pts. These are the standard rules for Heroscape scoring I believe, and it will make it quicker and easier. However, I also think that it alters gameplay negatively a bit, and its not necessarily the most fair. So this can be changed for sure, you guys just let me know what you would like - and we'll do a majority rules thing I guess. So if you don't post your opinion then I guess you're happy with whole card scoring!

I look forward to seeing you Saturday (or maybe this next Monday for our weekly gaming if I can make it)
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