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Re: New Heroscape Terrain "Quick-Sand" - Collaborate rules

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Originally Posted by Astroking112 View Post
I still don't like the idea of quicksand for AotV for several reasons. The most apparent one is probably that the 3D hexes in our boxes aren't flat tiles like water, ice, or shadow--they resemble sandstone more than quicksand, IMO. We also don't have enough of those hexes to really justify flipping it so that the cardboard hexes are slow or dangerous, either: even combining all three boxes, it's often tough to build more than one decent hill.
The fact that they're the only 3D hexes, and that tying up a majority of the cardboard spaces with rules would be a bad idea, is why I keep trying to move the conversation more in this direction:

Originally Posted by NecroBlade View Post
Shifting Sand: After one of your figures ends its turn on a Sand Dune, you must roll the d20. If you roll 11+, choose an opponent to move that figure one space to a same level or lower space. Figures moved by Shifting Sand do not take leaving engagement attacks.
Btw, thanks for bumping all the threads lately, @Astroking112 . I still don't know when I'll have the time/energy/space to set up my next test(s) but maybe with the long weekend I can get something done Soon™. folks still use the cardboard for AoTV? I'm not against using the cardboard I'm just surprised it's being used. I used it once and then used 'scape hexes...I'm not sure I still have the cardboard unless they're lining the bottom of a box somewhere. I certainly don't have a plethora of hexes but I have enough to build decent sized maps and would love to have quicksand...

Possibly: When you land on the hex, roll a d20, on a 1-10 the figure must stop movement, on 11-20 the figure may move through.
Any figure on a quicksand hex at the end of a round must have a friendly figure stopped adjacent to the 'stuck' figure to begin another movement phase.
At the end of a round (turn? - always get those two mixed up - the end of the full 3 order markers) all figures on quicksand hexes roll one die to see if they are suffocating.

Just a thought...wording needs massaged.

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