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Re: Public Design Workshop

Originally Posted by Arkham View Post
Originally Posted by redstang View Post

Spoiler Alert!
Ground Pound is great, but it sort of conflicts with what you want from "Gotcha". You want him engaged, so being able to clear everyone engaged with him out of the way doesn't act cohesive to that. I'd consider letting him choose a space within 3 spaces to be affected. Something like this:
Before moving Jax, you may choose the space Jax occupies or a space within 3 spaces of Jax. Move all figures on a space within 1 space of the chosen space up to 1 space of their current placement, ignoring leaving engagement attacks, and if the chosen space is not the space Jax currently occupies, you may roll an unblockable attack die against the figure or destructible object occupying it.
This can be used to disengage a friendly on that chosen space or for just general crowd control.

Bionic Arm Assault is neat, but I'd maybe just go with a Pounding Fists re-use since it's so similar.
Figures without the Super Strength special power roll 1 fewer defense die against Jax’s normal attack. If Jax inflicts one or more wounds with his normal attack, he may attack the same figure one additional time.
"Gotcha" is also very cool. I'd turn the dial up on though and go:
If an opponent’s small or medium figure would move out of engagement with Jax, roll one unblockable attack die against that figure. If you roll a skull, that figure's turn immediately ends, and you may continue rolling an unblockable attack die against that figure until you do not roll a skull.
Then he definitely needs some range. He's used guns a plenty.
Thanks for the advice on "Gotcha" that's actually how I had it written to begin with but thought the community would see it as overkill to allow continuation of the rolls, so I nerfed it.
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