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The Journal of Thonorah

The Journal of Thonorah
Wave 1: Chaos on the Avorian Desert
Pack 2: Heroes of Avoria

Spoiler Alert!

Download Card in PDF Here

The figure used for this unit is a Dungeon & Dragons figure from Monster Menagerie 2 #021
Human Wizard (U)

Character’s Biography:

Avoria is at war! Evil is casting a shadow into this land and with huge armies emerging, the only thing left is war. Thonorah, a young wizard from Avoria, was learning in her home, when suddenly war came to her village. Now that she loss everything, she is willing to protect those that are most vulnerable.

Character’s Stats:

Life = 3
Move = 6
Range = 1
Attack = 1
Defense = 3
Price = 60 pts

Unique Hero
Medium 5

Character’s Abilities:

Range 5. Attack 2.
Choose a figure to attack, all figures adjacent to the chosen figure are also affected by this Blue-Fire Blast Special Attack. Roll attack dices once for all affected figures.

When attacking normally with Thonorah, all skulls rolled count as one additional hit.

This Card was Created by the Explores of Valhalla Team.

Currently Working with the Explores of Valhalla Team.

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