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I just picked up a set of the Imperium and I'm not sure what to think of them. I set up 3 sets of Roman Archers in a castle and tried to advance the Imperium in backed by Kiova. They died two times over backed by Kiova before I said screw this and just let them live for the sake of playtesting. Then took out all but one archer once they were on the walls, plus a squad and a half of Legionaries. Kiova flew in and easily mopped up.

Final assessment - Personally I think they should have one more defense to be worth 140 points. As it is, any unit with a range of 4 or more will cut them down with little resistance.

And whoever tried them against a zombie army and said they dominated, try playing a competent opponent. I put 140 points of Imperium up against 120 points of zombies, and the zombies had very little trouble infecting them.

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