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Re: Heroes of Ninja Turtle 'Scape.

BurnyFlame's PlayTest of 500 points for:
Team TMNT:
Leonardo (130 points)
Raphael (130 points)
Michelangelo (120 points)
Donatello (120 points)

Ninjas and Agents:
Agent Carr (100 points)
Agent Skahen (120 points)
Krav Maga Agents (100 points)
Moriko (110 points)
Shiori (60 points)
Otonashi (10 points)

Battlefield: Custom, small, mostly flat. In middle left, three shadow spaces next to small high ground. In middle right, a random glyph next to a large glacier with a single tile adjacent to each end of glacier.

Game 1:
Round 1: (*Note: Turtle's Initiative roll always listed first. W stands for Wound. SA stands for Special Attack.)
Init. 5(+4) vs. 16
Otonashi with Tricky Speed moves adjacent to Wild Mike, 2/4 v 2/4.
Leo moves all Turtles to middle, ignoring Otonashi.
Agent Skahen fires 2/3 v 2/5 on Don, then 2/3 v 1/5 on Don (1W). Carr moves up to high ground under Cover Fire.
Leo reaches higher ground on Carr, 4/8 v 2/4 (2W).
Krav fire 2/3 v 0/5 on Leo (2W), 1 v 1 on Leo, 2/3 v 0/5 on Leo (2W=Out)
Mike Cowabunga's to take Leo's spot, 4/8 v 1/4 on Carr (Out).

Round 2:
Init. 8(+8) vs. 3
Raph moves, Sai Fury SA on adjacent Krav, 2/3 v 2/3, 1/3 v 3/3.
Krav move adjacent to Don on Shadow, 2 v 1 on Don (1W), 2 v 2/5 on Mike with height, 3 v 1/4 on Raph on adjacent shadow (2W). Raph deals his Wrath of Raph, destroying adjacent Krav.
Mike Cowabunga's to Skahen, 4/6 v 0/3 (Out).
Moriko moves adjacent to Raph, 0/3 and 1/3 v 1/4 on Raph.
Don 1 v 0/4 on Krav.
Skahen loses a turn.

Round 3:
Init. 17(+4) vs. 17 -- Don uses second marker to see treasure glyph is Atk +1. Recap: Raph=2W, Don=2W.
Raph SA 3/3 v 0/4 on Moriko (3W), 1/3 v 2/4, she stays alive.
Moriko SA right back with 0/3, 1/3 v 1/4 on Raph.
Mike repositions next to Raph, Shiori, and Moriko, uses Nunchuks SA, 0/2 on Moriko, 2/2 v 1/4 on Shiori (1W), then ATTACKS RAPH TO TRY TO ACTIVATE WRATH ON MORIKO, but gets 0/2.
Moriko SA 2/3 v 1/4 on Raph (1W), 3/3 v 0/4 on Raph (Out).
Don 3/4 v 1/4 on Moriko (2W=Out).
Shiori moves to single tile height, Shuriken SA on Don, 2/3 v 3/5.

Round 4:
Init. 19 (+12) vs. 4.
Don backtracks to try to get the +1 Atk Treasure Glyph he knows about, but activate the trap with a roll of 4 and can not pick it up.
Shiori fires a Shuriken SA at Mike, 1/3 v 2/4.
Don comes back with his Bo Reach SA on Shiori at Range 2 (to avoid adjacent height advantage), 3/3 v 2/4 on Shiori (1W).
Shiori considers moving down to finish Don with 4 attack dice (from Concentrated Will, but stays on height advantage and fires a Shuriken, 2/3 v 1/5 (1W).
Mike moves 3 spaces to the last Krav, 3/6 v 0.
Otonashi wants to attack Mike, but can only reach Don, 1/2 v 2/5.

Round 5:
Init 4(+12) vs. 3.
Mike moves back in front of Don, adjacent to Shiori who is still on height, 2?/6 v 2/4.
Otonashi attacks Mike, 1/4 v 2/4.
Don 2/4 v 1/3 on Otonashi (Out).
Shiori 2/4 v 1/4 on Mike (1W)
Don moves adjacent to Shiori for Turtle Power, 3/4 v 2/4 (Out).

Team TMNT WINS (Don=3W, Mike=1W).
Game 2:
Round 1: Init. 6(+0) vs. 19. -- Don sees glyph is Team +1 Defense Bonus.
(Note: This time, I will try to get Leo more involved on Team TMNT and lead with the shooters for the Agents.)
Krav, with all order markers, move to 7 Range of the Turtles, 3 v 1/5 on Don (2W), 1 v 4/5 on Don, 0/3 on Raph.
Leo lands on glyph, uses Leadership to put Mike on single tile height, Raph and Don to shadow. This puts a target on Leo's back.
Krav fire everything at Leo, 0/3, 2/3 v 1/5 (1W), 3/4 v 0/5 (3W=Out).
Leo loses a turn.
Kravs move to height and grab the glyph, 1 v 0/5 on Mike (1W), 4/4 v 2/6 on adjacent Don (2W), 1/4 v 0/4 on Mike (1W).
Raph moves to height next to a Krav, Sai Fury SA 2/3 v 2/4, 1/3 v 0/4 (lucky for Raph).

Round 2: Init. 12(+4) vs 3.
Mike Cowabunga's and Turtle Power's as he moves to shadow next to a Krav on shadow, 3/7 v 3/5 (blocked!).
Carr sneaks in, 5/6 v 2/5 on Mike (3W=Out).
Raph drops down to Shadow for a SA on Carr, 3/3 v 2/5 (1W), 2/3 v 1/5 (1W), 1/3 v 3/5.
Carr retaliates with 4/6 v 3/5 on Raph (1W).
Raph tries his SA again, 0/3.
With all Turtles on shadow, Skahen is forced to move adjacent, 1/3 v 2/5 on Raph, 1/3 v 4/6 on Don.

Round 3: Init. 9(+8) vs. 3. (Recap: Leo/Mike out, Raph 1W, Don 2W; Carr 2W)
Raph SA on Carr, 2/3 v 2/5. 2/3 v 2/5, 3/3 v 2/5 (1W), 3/3 v 3/5, 0/3.
Carr, barely hanging on thanks to the team +1 Def glyph, uses his Sword of Reckoning on Raph, 4/6 v 1/5 (3W), but infuriates Raph's Wrath and receives his last wound (Out).
Raph moves to height, 0/5 on Moriko.
Moriko SA on Don, 3/3 v 2/5 (1W), 2/3 v 2/6.
Don moves up as well, 4/5 v 1/4 on a Krav.
Moriko SA on Don, 2/3 v 2/6, 2/3 v 3/6.

Round 4: 2(+8) vs 8.
Raph 3/5 v 1/5 on Moriko (2W).
Moriko 1 v 1 on Don, twice.
Raph again goes 3/5 with height/Turtle Power on Moriko, who again rolls 1/5 (2W=Out).
Skahen shoots at the Turtles who have height, 2/3 v 0/5 on Raph (2W=Out), 1/3 v 3/6 on Don.
Don moves down to take out the last Krav on the glyph, 1/3 v 0/4.
Shiori Phantom Walks through Don to reach the newly unoccupied glyph, 1 v 1 on Don.

Round 5. 11(+16) vs 10.
Don with height goes 2/4 v 2/4 on Skahen.
Skahen safely leaves engagement and lands on shadow, firing at Don 1/3 v 1/6 and 2/3 v 1/6 (1W=Out).

Team TMNT LOSES (Agent Skahen, Shiori, Otonashi left).
Game 3:
Round 1: Init. 3(+0) vs. 16. -- Don sees Treasure glyph is Giant Killer (and therefore useless this match).
(Note: I still want to get Leo more involved on Team TMNT, but I'll try to play safer, keeping the Turtles in shadow to avoid ranged attacks, and I'll lead with the Skahen for the Agents.)
Skahen moves up and fires twice at Mike, 2/3 v 1/4 (1W), 1/3 v 0/4 (1W).
Leo moves to height, and Leads Raph and Don to shadow, while Mike hides out of shooting range behind a glacier.
Skahen, knowing she'll be surrounded soon, goes for the Treasure glyph and gets it (rolls 9), but is disappointed. Can only fire at Leo who has height, 3/3 v 2/5 (1W), 2/3 v 3/5. Raph moves to use maximum Turtle Power on Skahen, 1/6 v 1/3, and is also disappointed.
Otonashi wants to use her Tricky speed to go through everyone, and with a movement of 10, can get all the way adjacent to Mike, and she Attacks the Wild, wounded Mike with 2/4 on 0/4 (2W=Out).
Leo moves adjacent to Skahen, 4/6 v 2/3 (2W), and she survives.

Round 2: Init 11(+4) vs 14 (!).
Leo FINALLY gets to use his Katana Slash SA on Skahen, 4/6 v 2/3 (Out).
Full squad of Krav keep their distance, 1/3 v 0/4 on Raph (1W), 2/3 v 1/4 on Leo (1W), 1/4 v 1/4 on Raph.
Raph retaliates on a Krav he can reach (but who has height), and uses his Sai Fury SA to go 3/3 v 2/4, then throws his Sai at Shiori, 2/3 v 2/4, who blocks with her X order marker Concentrated Will bonus.
With two Kravs left, first attacks Raph, 2/3 v 0/4 (2W), then 0/3 on Leo.
Leo moves adjacent to Moriko, and with Turtle Power, goes 2/6 v 0/4 (2W).
Carr moves to Shadow next to Don, attacks 2/6 v 2/6.

Round 3: Init 15(+4) vs. 14.
Leo Katana SA on Moriko, 1/6 v 1/4, who blocks it with her Sabers.
Moriko continues the sword duel with a 0/3 and 2/3 v 2/4 on Leo.
Raph moves to shadow next to Don to be ready for Wrath, but rolls 0/3 on his SA.
Carr moves up to height, 4/7 v 2/6 on Don (2W), but Raph whiffs the Wrath roll (say that 3 times fast).
Leo moves back to help his brother, and next to Raph, attacks Carr who still has height, 1/6 v 2/5.
Carr makes Leo pay for his interference with 3/7 v 1/4 (2W=Out), but takes a wound from Wrath of Raph.

Round 4: Init. 11(+8) vs 5.
Raph moves higher than Carr by moving through him, goes 1/5 v 1/4.
Carr moves level with Raph on the map's highest ground, rolls 2/6 v 2/4.
Don leaves the epic ledge battle to the titans, and goes to try and take out a nearby Krav, 1/3 v 1/3.
Krav's fire back, 0/4 and 2/3 v 1/5 on Don (1W).
Raph, still fighting against Carr, tries his SA for 1/3 v 1/4.
Moriko uses her Saber Storm Ninja skills and attacks Don with 2/2 v 1/5 (1W), 1/1 v 0/5 (1W), and 2/3 v 1/5 (extra1W=Out).

Round 5: 5 vs. 1.
Raph tries to make a comeback, uses his Sai Fury on Carr, 2/3 v 1/4 (1W), 2/3 v 0/4 (Out), then throws his Sai at Moriko at Range 5, 2/3 v 3/4, but she saw it coming.
The two Kravs move up, and shoot down Raph from his perch.

Team TMNT LOSES (2 Krav Maga Agents, Shiori, Otonashi, Moriko left).

1. Team TMNT is not overpowered. The team they fought against here was not particularly strong, but they were evenly matched, if not lacking in some area.
2. Team TMNT cannot keep glyphs. As with most all hero teams, there are no squad members to simply sit on glyphs, that keeps Team TMNT from being elite.
3. Team TMNT needs a little help, but that is OK. That is where other supporting members should come in. Splinter (at 100 points or less), needs to give the Turtles a defensive bonus. It can be Counterstrike, extra dice, dice rerolls, or somehow a "rescue" akin to Alfred Pennyworth. Likewise for April.

-Leonardo's Leadership bonus is great, but he needs to remember not to simply move the Turtles towards the battle; sometimes keeping their distance is best. Also, he is a great attacker, and should not put himself in harm's way and cost his team because of the rest lack his attack power. His Special Attack is not overpowered for sure, since he can get 6 on a normal attack rather easily, and it is easy to avoid his SA because he can't move.
-Raphael's skills felt right. He could deal damage, attack multiple times, throw his Sai, and retaliate. I need to remember to keep him adjacent to his teammates to utilize his Wrath more often. Also, I once tried to attack him with a friendly figure to generate his Wrath, do we want this mechanism, or should we reword the power?
-Michelangelo, when played optimally, was the Team's MVP (MVT?). With his bonuses stacking, he was taking out one figure, often a hero, each turn. But I did find his Special Attack extremely lacking, and I think it could be boosted to Attack of 3 with no harm done. Or somehow if we can get his Cowabunga to stack into it, that would be great.
-Donatello did his job. He often survived the longest due to his extra defense, and his Turtle Tech gave Team TMNT the initiative whenever they wanted it. It could be dialed down to a "+3" bonus per order marker, but I think it is fine either way.
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