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Re: What Video Game are you Currently Playing?

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ME3 all weekend, as much time as I can spare. This is why:
Operation Goliath

Time to kill some reapers.

Forgot to mention, Operation Goliath is only for PC and XBox players, PS3 is excluded from these community events for the time being.
This is not a hate on PS3's as they have some amazing exclusives, but it seems just about every cross-platform game has less bugs and less overall issues simply due to the fact that it's so much easier to program on a PC/360 than it is with the Cell processor.

That said, if you really know what you are doing, the Cell is amazing. Not surprised the PS4 will use a traditional processor though after how much the Cell hurt them with developers.
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Fallout v. Skyrim? Fallout wins that one whether you're talking 3 or New Vegas. Both are dripping with theme and plotlines. I wouldn't say I like post-apoc better than fantasy, but Skyrim's map is less interesting than Fallouts' maps. Oblivion, OTOH, I enjoyed more than the Fallouts. Better story and more interesting map than Skyrim. On to my quickie report from last night's four hour browse through the Humble Indie Bundle:

Superbrothers -Sword and Sorcery: Ugly, ugly game. I just couldn't get into it at all, which is too bad because I assumed it would be my fovorite of the eight.

LIMBO: Had a bit of fun. Like the graphics. Couldn't figure out how to use a crate to get past some water and moved on.

Amnesia: Gotta admit I got bored and quit. Played with headphones and the lights out as recommended. Played for the story and not to win as recommended. Just too slow even after I put almost an hour into it.

Psychonauts: So far this looks great. It was the last game I tried and I was getting tired. Looking forward to playing more of this.

Bastion: Love the announcer. Fun enough game until I took the boat and the ramped up difficulty there left me cold.

Lone Survivor: Didn't get to it last night.

Braid: Maybe my favorite of the batch. Looking forward to a lot more of this. A puzzle solving Mario Bros with a really cool rewind mechanic.

Super Meat Boy: Reminds me of an old school arcade game I enjoyed with the wall jumping. Leaving a red trail wherever I go was a mite bit stomach turning and I really wanted to hit some breaks in the action where the game told me I was doing well. I think I finished 18 levels before simply deciding I was done for a while.

Great recommendation, guys - I really appreciate it!

~Aldin, braidedly
Amnesia'a first hour is mega slow. I would give it another hour if you have time. Pretty much agree with you on all other points. Braid is fantastic. The story is really cool.

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