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Whats a Canadian to do?

I cannot believe how hard it was for me to find a copy of Master Set 1 in this "country that Hasbro forgot". Finally got one for $55.00 today. All other copies I could locate (damned few) were $69.00.

Likewise, aside from Master Set 2 it is next to impossible to find expansions here. The only places that seem to carry them are Walmart (maybe 2 expansions) and ToysRUs (maybe 2 more expansions).

And dont get me started on Amazon! We have up here, which carries next to nothing besides books, but has forced to stop shipping to Canada. Somebody pass me that box of grenades!

Good lord, I hope WotC is going to send us some love up here!

P.S. Anyone have any good tips for shopping Heroscape in the Great White North (Toronto area)?


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