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Re: New England Heroscape Events - CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NO

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Hey Guys,

I know of that store! I surprisingly never went there before. I usually host events at Untapped Games and have hosted at Reality A Games prior. I can try for the next event to move to Game On given your recommendation. Based on you and Tablewalkers' response I can add the both of you to the mentions list with your permission, although I am privy on how that list exactly works.
No issues with being added to a list, also no issues playing elsewhere, just tossing it out as an option.
It's always great to move to new stores to find any new/old players like yourself to add to the mix. I'd be happy to host something in the area once covid calms down some. I've added Tablewalker and you to my list so you guys can stay in the loop whenever new events start popping up. With me, Chris and Cleon it's making for quite a good year.

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