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Re: AotP Question Dump

Been a good while since I have been on the site. I saw this and was intrigued.

My 2 cents on the whole MTG and Heroscape.

I am one of the original Players of Heroscape. I love the game and was sad when Wizards was handed the game. I am one of those who was not happy with the mixing of DnD into the game.

That being said I do own everything the game had to offer. I really wished Wizards wasn't Wizards and if Something isn't MTG or Dnd They want nothing to do with it.

When AOTP hit the shelves I was Floored with Disappointment and discontent. They took Heroscape and tried to reskin it but not in a good way. I tried the game and expansions of the game hoping I would enjoy it but it was missing something and that was the heart of Heroscape!

All in all if the Cost to produce Heroscape in todays Gaming world wouldn't be so Expensive I would love to see the game have a rebirth. But the overall cost and and the Companies need to make money I think we all know Hasbro will never revive the game.

I am Happy with all we were given and Still to this day Have a big place in my heart for the game and do not think I will ever stop playing it and giving it the love it deserves on the Table!

You shall not pass!
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