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Re: What General would each Planeswalker follow?

I had another post awhile back, and I do not believe any of the "Planswalkers" would fallow under the Generals in Heroscape per say.

This is my reasoning why, having played Magic since "Alpha, Antiquities, and Arabian Knights" yes I am old.

I beleave each of the Val. Generals is in fact a "Planswalker in of them Selves." The only diferance is the Generals Choose to stay primarily in there "Home Plain" where as the AotP , Planeswalkers move freely between the various different planes of the MTG mythologie witch now, would include thouse of the Heroscape Mythologies.

So to the "Generals (Planswalkers)" beleave there home plain is the "of foremost importance" where as the AotP "Planswalkers (Generals)" see it as just another Plain, no differant from "the Plains of Innistrad, Zenikar, Nixx, or any of the others .

So interrelations between the Generals and Plainswalkers go's from "serving under" to "allies of" so any of the. Val. Generals can ally with any of the Planswalkers, however there is still the concept of common goals and perceived Methods
(Obviously not all the Val. Generals would be "Ok" with necromancer's reanimation of ths fallen warriors.)

So a 500 to 750 point group, would have to be devided between the Heroscape units and the AotP Planswalker there Summoned Monstets and Spellcards
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