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Re: Index of 3D Printed Stl Files

Originally Posted by Elstree View Post
This is because as the print head moves up and prints each successive layer it sometimes leaves a little strand of plastic as it moves from one object to the next.
3D printing is my favorite thing to do lately so I’ll take any chance to talk about it. This might be fixable. I’ve been playing with my retraction and extrusion settings lately and getting much better results. Also if you use Cura there’s an option to “retract at layer change” that might help. I’ve been having problems with the pieces breaking easily so I upped the temp to 220 degrees, so turned extrusion down to 95%. Retraction is set at 6mm (Ender 3, so settings may not apply). And I think I upped the print speed a little too, it was leaving pimples when the hot end was touching for too long, think I’m up to around 35 mm/s. I’m still getting some stringing, gotta tackle that next, but the layers have been very smooth and even. Have you messed with any of those settings to try and tweak it?
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