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Re: Onacara's D&D Scape Scenarios/Traps/Treasures

Scenario 1...The Flooded Caverns (map to follow)

The basic premise of this scenario is this. Treasure glyphs are placed in the "middle" of the board. When attempting to collect a treasure you will roll for springing the traps as normal but if you spring the trap then....

Trap of Flowing Waters.... When this trap is sprung the treasure is destoryed and a water tile is immediately placed under the figure that sprung the trap. For the remainder of the game each player after revealing an order marker will add another water tile adjacent to one that has been previously laid until the game is over. All normal water movement penalties and or bonuses apply. (Note all tiles on the same level or below where the flooding waters flow from must be filled before you can begin flooding the next elevations and so on.) If multiple traps are sprung the players will place tiles for all sprung traps in accordance with the rules above.

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