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Re: Maekor Public Playtesting

Originally Posted by kevindola View Post
@Flash_19 just wanted to give you a bump so you don't forget to report the test. Thanks!
Thanks for the bump.

500 Points
Refraction by HS2010

Army 1 (Flash): Maekor, 3x Greenscales, 3x Mezzos
Army 2 (Shiftrex): Arktos, Himmel, 5x Wulfing Hunters, MW's

The wulfing hunters are a custom unit in development by Shiftrex. We played with this version of the card
Spoiler Alert!

Survivors: MW's and 1 life Arktos

Round 1 - Wulfing slow roll - Himmel and maybe Arktos moved up. Maekor and greenscales slow roll with 1 OM on Mezzos to positions at the bottom of the map.

Round 2 - more positioning for the first part of the round. Maekor backed by Greenscales comes in and hits two wulfing on OM 2 and another 2 on OM 3 using Plasma Blade Arc. Unfortunately, Maekor gets hit hard by Arktos on OM 3 from Shiftrex and takes 3 wounds - neglected to roll an additional die for Defensive formation though it should have activated.

Round 3 - Big initiative roll goes to Shiftrex, who hits Maekor with Himmel (who was boosted by Arktos) for two wounds - just enough to kill him. Maekor was on height, and again neglected to roll an additional defense die. Himmel proceeds to decimate almost 2 squads of greenscales in addition to Maekor. First two OM's on greenscales are essentially wasted. Switch over to Mezzos for OM 3.

Round 4 through end of game - Mezzos try to stage a comeback while Arktos backed wulfing blaze through exo markers. The game ended up being fairly close in the end, but the mezzos couldn't last quite long enough.


Defensive Formation - should have activated twice, did not use either time. There's a fair chance that neglecting this ability cost me the game - even one more turn with Maekor and buffed Greenscales could have made a huge difference - especially if Himmel became engaged (there was also a Kelda on the board that Maekor could have made a run for).

Normal Attack 2/2 (Wulfing)

Plasma Blade Arc 2 (Wulfing)

Total damage = 100 points

I think he works great as a bonding hero with the Greenscales. And based on this game, I liked him in that role without trying to fit Zogross in - though the potential synergy is interesting. I'm guessing that ability wasn't necessarily created with Zogross specifically in mind though... I don't think I'd ever take Maekor, Greenscales, and Zogross together as OM's feel too inefficient.

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