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Re: Index of 3D Scans of Figures

Originally Posted by TREX View Post
Is there any interest in putting pre supported build plates of figures on here. Granted its not too big of a pain to do. Im no professional as far as supports go but am pretty good at it. Im making all my chitubox buildplates into stl files for my brother so he can slice them for his anycubic photon. No sense in us both doing the work. I fill the entire build plate up when possible. Some units are combined on a plate. Commons are generally put on a build plate with each other and uniques are put on a plate with each other. Sometimes Ill throw some extra common heroes on a build plate to fill a unique one. Ex. Fire elementals. I fit 9 on a plate but also threw a couple in with my kitbashed unique quasatch models. Scapedood your work is top notch. I cant remember what you said to do about the one fyorlag spider that is only a half spider?
I would be very interested in these if you have easy access to them! I just ordered a photon and am excited to get started. Any tips for anything?

Also, I am wondering if any of these models need to be scaled or anything or if they are good after download? I am using Chitubox currently but would switch if anyone has any recommendations for slicing software to use.

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