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Custom Overwatch Figures

Hey all! Just had an itch to create some Army Cards for Heroscape and I knew exactly where to find some cool characters. Overwatch! I'm unsure if anyone has created custom Overwatch characters in the past, but this is my take on them! I chose Overwatch because its roster of characters are so diverse in their abilities. I figured translating them into Heroscape would make some really fun ideas. Now, Overwatch is quite different from Heroscape, and there were plenty of difficulties translating character powers, but I think what I ended up with just may work. I'm not really intending to use these in my games because I don't have any miniature figures in mind, so none of them will be play tested. I just wanted to write down some cool abilities and hopefully discuss with everyone on if they would conceptually work in Heroscape or not! I hope you enjoy.
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