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Re: My Darling Panzer's 12/23/17 Tradelist

Originally Posted by japes View Post
Yes it was directed at you as a follow up to Mike's comment asking if you are willing to buy as I have the wave 3 and wave 6 stuff listed for sale on my thread.

If you are not interested in buying and only in trading I may be interested in the D&D Master Set. The terrain and the Squad are all I "need" but I'm open to discussion of the rest. Feel free to PM me.

My thread is here
Yes, for now only trading.

Okay, so would the Deepwyrm Drow for the Jandar Sentinels be good for you?

I see on your thread that want a 7-hex dungeon 1-hex shadow; I can provide both. For the 1-hex, would you like one rock formation with it as well? I don't know what would be a good terrain --> figure trade. Would the Einar Emerpiums be asking too much?

Also, with your figures, do they come with the army card? Mine will, but I don't wish to assume. Thanks!
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