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Re: Heroscape with HexScape

As promised here is the latest list of links. Guzma has run out of models to scan so this won't be changing until we get some more scans.

The only models that we are now missing are:

Battle for the Underdark master set
Deepwyrm Drow (2)

Wave 3
Gorillinators (2)
MacDirk Warriors (3)
Microcorp Agents (2)

Wave 4
Aubrien Archers (2)
Gladianatrons (2)
Sacred Band (3)
Tagawa Samurai (2)

Wave 6
Einar Imperium (2)
Heavy Gruts (3)
Zombies of Morridan (2)
Shades of Bleakewoode (2)
Tagawa Samurai Archers (2)

We already have one each of these in the mod so we are looking for scans of the remaining squad members, the quantity remaining is in brackets.
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