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Re: "I could beat that army!" Theoryscape Challenge

Originally Posted by HEROSCAPERMTL View Post
Nilfheim 185
Greenscale Warriors x2 120
Cyprien Esenwein 150
Sonya Esenwein 45
10 hexes 500 pts
Van Nessing (C3V) ---- 105
Vulcanmech Incendiborgs (C3V) ---- 180
Krug ---- 120
Finn the Viking Champion ---- 080
Isamu ---- 010
8 hexes / 495 points

Van Nessing and the Incendiborgs take down Cyprien. Finn goes out to destroy as many Greenscales as possible, then goes on Krug's card when he dies. Isamu's Dishonorable Attack tenderizes Nilfheim a bit, and then boosted Krug and any remaining Soulborgs mop up anyone left alive.
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