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Originally Posted by robbdaman
Originally Posted by Kinseth
Wow now version 2 has him doing 12 attack dice?

even at 180 hes under priced.
Actually that's 6 attack die with successes being doubled. Potentially more damage but also potentially less.

Either way I think he's not under priced but overpowered. I think I have to make his human form a total wuss so any increases make just make him look way better.


Even if he only rolls 3 out of 6 skulls he would take out the majority of the figures in the game in one shot...way undervalued...either that or you make it so he has one chance to turn into the wolf per game and if he misses thats it..this way you are taking a risk by taking him but the reward could be huge. The fact that as he is now he can take out Charos in one shot means he needs to be valued over 220.
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