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I dig the idea of changing into a werewolf.

I do think his werewolf ability is a bit too easy to activate, seeing as though it gives him all these special abilities and enhanced stats. 11 or higher is 50%, which is pretty easy to hit. Since he's going to maintain this form throughout the rest of the game, there's really little point in even having a human form.

Maybe he should be able to transform back? I haven't seen these figures, but if one is vastly larger than the other (as it appears on the card), It could be very useful to have the option to change back into a human.

Either option, or maybe his wolf form only lasts each round?

He seems overpowered as a wolf too... but maybe I'm not understanding the wording. The werewolf wording is murky... "All stats are increased once, adding the original numbers on this army card to it's current levels for the new total"

Does that basically mean he gets +1 to all attributes when in wolf form?

Assuming that's the case, as a wolf, he'd have a normal attack of 5, right?

with Feral Spirit he could easily be tossing attacks of 4, 6, or 8, and sometimes 10 - and for 140 points, that just seems too powerful for me.

My 2c.
Real nice work on the card tho!

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