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Re: Omnath Custom

Brandonwiker, thanks for the reply. I just now saw your message.

Right now I'm elated, as I'm sure you are, with the new Heroscape release. Looking forward to all that will be coming out with that.

As far as Omnath, I saw where there was 4-color, even a 5-color Omnath. I'm wondering if there Omnath could be a stand alone figure (one person plays Omnath) who can draw from ANY color on the board, maybe taking over other units to use them for a turn or something? Maybe draining them somehow?

I have to get a better handle on the mechanics of how it might work with other units/colors.

If you want to throw a card together, I'd be happy to take a look. I'm not super possessive that I design him. I just want to see a really good unit created with Him.

Btw, Wizkids makes an unpainted Omnath figure (maybe you already know this) that I purchased to use in the game.
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