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Re: The Life Of A C3G Design

Originally Posted by Balantai View Post
I don't really like this "Release" process and would like to fight to get it changed.

1. I understand why the process was initially changed and I completely agree with why it was done. It is completely unfair on Hahma, Griffin and yourself to playtest figures you have no interest in. On the other hand, I don't think this change to the release has any effect on that logic.

2. If including an official release meant a bunch of extra work for GreyOwl, I would be against having an official release. But I don't think that will be the case either. Everything should be pretty much finalized anyway through the actual creation process.

3. If we don't have official releases, this project will be most likely become invisible to the typical Heroscaper. The main reason we got so much attention this time around was because of the front page access. Now I don't expect to receive front page similar to what we just had ever again. For this reason, we will need word of mouth to generate excitement and I don't think it will exist if we release figures one at a time with no particular timeframe.

4. Having the release is fun! Having these polls with imput from the community is a blast. Everyone is having a great time.
I am starting to see Balantai's side here.
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