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Dayton, OH Tournament - March 28

Next tournament:
Previous tournament:

March 28th, 12:00pm; the store (and sign-in) opens at 11:00, sign in early and browse!

I am anticipating that rounds will take a full hour each under this army format, with about 10 minutes in between rounds. So with prize distribution, the tournament should be over by about 6:20pm.

Bookery Fantasy-Games & Toys
13 West Main
Fairborn, OH 45324-4712
MapQuest here:

There will be no entry fee. Bring a prize for the prize table if you can (HeroScape-related preferred but not necessary), but don't let the lack of a prize keep you away.

Players will get to pick a single prize from the prize table in order of their ranking (highest first, lowest last).

Some prizes known:
A map pick for the next tournament (subject to my approval)
Ornak, the Utgar Flagbearer
Gladiators and Agents expansion pack

500 points apiece. No customs, no Marvelscape units - repainted versions of exclusive figures are fine. No hero costing less than 90 points can be used, and no more than two squads of any type can be in your army. For example, you could not have the Krav Maga Agents, Nakita Agents and a squad of Deathreavers since that would be three squads altogether. There will be 24 starting zone hexes - any figures in excess of 24 cannot be used.

Tournament Scoring:
The tournament will have five rounds of one-on-one games. All players will have a winning/losing score calculated by adding the points they destroyed to their points remaining, if any. Partial scoring (per wound for heroes and per figure for squads) will be used.

OVAH Bonus Points:
The OVAH allows up to 40 bonus points for OVAH Cup standings. Each match you can earn 10 bonus points by being the first to kill a hero, capped at a maximum of 40 points.

Glyphs will be placed face-down at the beginning of a match, chosen randomly from the following list:
Astrid (+1 attack)
Dagmar (+8 initiative)
Erland (Summoning - limited to your own units only)
Gerda (+1 defense)
Valda (+2 move)

I'm limiting Erland because I'd rather see people bringing up their own fighters than kidnapping weaklings that the opponent needs to protect (Taelord, for example). You're just going to have to work for it. It also makes the victory a trifle less random - a person's whole army can sometimes be destroyed by having one key figure plucked out.

What else:
I will provide dice as well as wound and order markers - feel free to bring your own Valkyrie dice, of course. If you need master set (RotV only) figures to complete your army (for instance, two people normally play with one master set and want to include the same figure), there should be plenty available.

Marduk - of course
outforblood + 3
FatherOfJulian + 2
StealthSuitStanley + 3 or 4
Shadow Cat

Onion Knight
KCU Master 2007
southwest ninja + 1
Tony Arnold

There will be 24 boards (two copies of each map), plus one to be determined by Utgarsrage as a prize from the last tournament.

Death Preserve, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Is It Spring Yet?, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Mesa of Blood, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Molten Alley, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Mosquito Coast, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Over the River Through the Woods, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Ridge Assault, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Sandbar, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Snow Drift, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

The Crooked Path, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

The World Tree, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Thunder Bluff, by Marduk

Download pdf
Download hsc

Malpractice makes malperfect!
Ohio Valley Association of Heroscapers

Art by Susan Van Camp, Copyright 2006.

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