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Re: 10th Regiment of Foot- What's your Army Idea?

Originally Posted by Jexik View Post
I thought of a way to fix my first army so it fits in the hexes better... and counters the Romans better.

Marcus 100
3x 10th Foot 325
2x Sacred Band 425
James Murphy 500

I think the one thing that the 10th Foot can do that the Mass certainly can't is coexist well with greeks.

Edit: HHH beat me to it. Nice job!
That's the first 10th army that I'll try.
I figured out the that 7 range of James Murphy could be handy in a 10th-based army in addition to the fact that he is one of my top ten favorite uniques and I try to use him as a range filler whenever I can. He is like just over half a Kaemon, as JM's blast when applicable is like multiple attacks with range of 5. He just happened to be disciplined, which works out for the Greeks. In addition to his blast, his whip 12 also gives him some melee advantages when needed, which makes him blend with the 10th perfectly as a versatile range hero. He's a mercenary here. Should be fun no doubt.

By the way, I wish that there was something similar that was valiant.

I don't care about choosing my army based on strategy. I choose an army based on coolness and personal appeal... even if it means that my units will die trying. Hail to the glory of HeroScape and bravery.

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