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Re: Index of Classic Heroscape .stl files

Originally Posted by White Knight View Post
Originally Posted by shaolin View Post
Iím trying to mess around with various programs to see what I can make here. Opening a 2D picture and turning it into a 3D blob with a similar outline is easy enough. Anyone have any suggestions what I should use from there to clean up the blob and turn it into something? I saw someone mention blender, is that any good?
Blender can certainly do what you want--at least all the tools are there. I made some 3D Pokemon figures for my son, and they 3D printed pretty well. But I'm not up to doing complex figures like Heroscape models. Blender is free, and is widely used in the 3D community, so there are many tutorials and answered questions online. I use probably less than 1% of its features.

Sketchup, Maya, and Meshmixer are other options, but I'm not familiar with them. I think Sketchup and Meshmixer are free, but I'm not sure about Maya.
Cool, Iím gonna dive into that stuff.
I looked up Sketchup. Seems to be browser/cloud based if you use the free version and I could t figure out how to import anything. Thanks for the tips, though
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