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Re: Utah monthly

Originally Posted by Flash_19 View Post

I'll be down in Arizona for Christmas. Sad I'm missing this one!
You will be missed! I'm glad you and @antmarchingroves have jumped into our little community. 2018 is going to be a good year!

Originally Posted by Sir Torin Brokenshield! View Post

No @The Dewk my buddy john is down in st George with his family and my other buddy Jonathan has work that day and he can't get that day off

P.S hey fellow scapers does anybody have one squad of the Death chasers of thesk that they could bring to the tournament? Thanks all! enjoy our final days before the fun begins!!
Aw bummer, no John and Jonathan!

And I do not have Death Chasers, but maybe @BiggaBullfrog or @Sir Heroscape do?

Originally Posted by UtahScott View Post
Not attending. Too much to do, really wanted to make it since October.
That is understandable! But it was good to meet you back on National Heroscape Day, and it'll be great to see you at some of the upcoming 2018 monthlies!
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