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hextr1p rolls all skulls baby! hextr1p rolls all skulls baby! hextr1p rolls all skulls baby! hextr1p rolls all skulls baby!
Re: PDF for Partial Cover rules

Apologies for not addressing this issue sooner.

I'm going to make the following changes to the "Friendly Fire" variant. Additions and changes in red:

If no skulls are rolled when attacking an opponent's non-adjacent figure with a Hit Zone partially blocked by an adjacent or non-adjacent Friendly Figure, that Friendly Figure must roll for Friendly Fire.

If the opponent’s non-adjacent figure’s Hit Zone is partially blocked by more than one Friendly Figure, the attacking player chooses which of those Friendly Figures is affected by Friendly Fire. That Friendly Figure then rolls for Friendly Fire.

To roll for Friendly Fire, r
oll one attack dice. If a skull is rolled, that skull counts as one unblockable hit. The Friendly Figure does not roll for defense.

Thoughts? I'll be making the change and uploading the revised PDF this evening.

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